Plain plate decorated with POSCA

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK on Sunday 31st March, so get your prep in early and personalise a plate for mum with POSCA paint markers for a very special creative gift.

We’ve used POSCA 3M markers in beautiful blue shades. The 3M markers’ fine nib is great for precision drawing and mark-making. The colour consistency is so true and vibrant with these pens.

Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour. These essential paint markers are essential tools for up-cycle, art and craft projects. POSCAs work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting and great for handmade, personalised gifts.

This project is so easy and simply perfect for Mothering Sunday, and it’s a great way to master your hand-lettering. You can also make matching cups, bowls and even a glassware!

Personalised Plate Step 1: Sketch out your text

Make a personalised plate for mum with POSCA

Sketch out text

Before you get started on your personalised plate. Make sure you clean the plate, removing any dust or grease as this will lift the paint off the surface. Now roughly draw your ‘mum’ text over the plate. Give this some extra flourish by adding curves on the end of your letters and coming in over the edges of your plate.

Handmade Personalised Plate Step 2: Embellish your lettering

Personalised plate with POSCA pens

Add curves and accents

Personalised Plate Step 3: Fill in your script

Now this is really simple. Just add lines around the outside of the letters on your personalised plate as shown, adding accents and curves as you connect the lines to the letter.

Personalised plate with POSCA pens

Personalise your plate

Simply fill in those lines to finish. And use a lighter colour to further embellish your personalised plate with a simple flowers. To make permanent just pop in the oven for 45 minutes at 160 degrees then finish with a clear varnish.

See how we made the plate ourselves in this super-quick how-to video…


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