Bonfire night always falls on November 5 and we’ve got five bonfire night crafts for kids for you to try in the run-up to firework night. From sparklers to Catherine wheels, we are sure you will find something your little one will enjoy making.

bonfire night craft for kids

1) Glittery fireworks

glittery fireworks

This truly is the simplest of firework crafts! All you need is some black paper or card and glue and glitter.

Find out how your little ones can make glittery fireworks here on the ‘Life + Style’ blog.

2) Pipe cleaner fireworks

pipe cleaner fireworks

For this bonfire night craft, you’ll need to save up your empty, cardboard toilet rolls. With a splash of magic, you can turn them into fun pipe cleaner fireworks.

Decorate the empty toilet roll with colourful paper then finish your funky firework by adding colourful pipe cleaners

For full instructions click here, to visit the ‘consortium early years’ website.

3) Lolly stick sparklers

lolly stick sparklers

If you are a little wary about letting your children play with real sparklers this is the perfect craft for your family!

According to the ‘consortium early years’ website, all you need to do to make the sparklers is add sparkly materials to the end of the lolly sticks.

Your kids will have hours of fun writing their names with their pretend fireworks.

4) Catherine wheel craft

Catherine wheel craft

This Catherine wheel craft from the ‘Activity Village’ website is ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

You’ll need paper plates, sequins, glue, and ribbon. Have a look what you need to do by clicking here.

5) Craft your own bonfire

craft your own bonfire

Instead of painting a picture of a bonfire encourage your child to create a picture with a bit of texture.

Just like in the photo above they can use scrunched up tissue paper to make the flames and twigs from the garden to make the firewood.

We hope you and your family have a lovely bonfire night, please make sure you stay safe!










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