Get focused for the coming four weeks by writing some some aims for the month and designing a cool geometric goal journal for July.

We can’t get enough of journaling at uni-ball. And, as the school holidays are coming up, we thought setting some goals for the month is a brilliant way to get focused for the four weeks ahead.

Our geometric goal journal is easy to do, so why not try it yourself? It uses basic shapes simply drawn to create interest so anyone can have a go!

What makes our goal journal so special is the use of vibrant EYE Designer pen colours.

The EYE pen’s ‘uni-flow’ system delivers a reliable and continuous flow of ink from start to finish with solid, consistent colour coverage. EYE Designer has a robust 0.7mm nib, so you’ll get a strong, flowing line when writing and drawing. And it’s available in black, blue, green, light blue, light green, orange, pink, red, violet and wine so it’s ideal for colourful journaling!


EYE DESIGNER pens great for journaling

For our goal journal we grabbed a trusty Oxford Black ‘n’ Red notebook and a Uni-ball EYE Designer Eight pack to ensure we had all the EYE colours at our disposal for colourful journaling. We also got a pencil to sketch out our script.

1: Draw your red triangles

Make shapes with geometric goal journal with EYE designer pens

Starting your geometric goal journal couldn’t be simpler. Pick up your red EYE Designer pen and draw simple triangles around the page. Draw two extra shapes inside of the larger one and colour in the outside.

2: Add your light blue diamonds

Geometric goal journal with EYE designer pens
Contrast always looks so cool when creating a design. So we used the light blue EYE Designer against the deep vivid red to pop on the paper. So, make a basic diamond shapes, draw a cross in the middle, then intersecting lines over that. Colour in the shapes inside as shown.

3: Make dashes and zigzags

Dashes and zigzags for EYE designer pen goal journal
Now we want to anchor our diamond and triangles. Use your violet EYE Designer pen to make dashes and zigzags to give our journal page opener some structure and shape.

4: Embellish your design

Dots and triangles for EYE designer pen goal journal
Now incorporate some little extra details to make your design sing. In the white areas around your larger shapes and purple marks, draw in small triangles with the green EYE pen and add spots with the wine colour.

5: Write your script

Hand-lettering for EYE designer pen goal journal
Sketch out your script in pencil. Now go over the lettering with your blue EYE Designer and colour in. For a guide to lettering, head over to our step by step tutorial here.

Handlettering for EYE designer pen goal journal

6: Finish with freehand

Handlettering for EYE designer pen goal journal
Use your pink and black EYE designers to freehand write your other text. We’ve written the month and 4-week challenge here but you can write what you like!


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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