New EMOTT pens from the Mitsubishi Pencil Company

We are delighted to show you our brand new EMOTT pen range; beautiful, grown-up fine line colour markers that combine style and substance.

With a sleek white barrel design and available in a comprehensive choice of contemporary hues, EMOTT pens look fantastic and perform brilliantly.

Stylish stationery

New EMOTT pens from the Mitsubishi Pencil Company

This state of the art collection is stylishly presented in cool, contemporary, yet practical packaging to reflect modern tastes. Its minmal white casing is not only reminiscent of high-end cosmetic and on-trend home brands but also serves as a elegant, chic solution to display and store the pens. Perfect for people who love to enjoy, treasure and showcase their stylish stationery. 

Robust and reliable

New EMOTT pens from the Mitsubishi Pencil Company

While this innovative new range is undoubtably gorgeous, the pens are also a discerning, reliable purchase for the stationery lover. It’s ideal for people who like to set trends rather than follow them. The EMOTT’s spectrum of 40 colours (from pretty candy shades and soft pastels to bold, vivid, primary hues and deep, evocative earth tones) suit a range of moods, looks and lifestyles.

The pens’ impeccable build quality make the EMOTT a dependable marker that users will love and treasure. While the pens look sleek and delicate, the EMOTT’s durable tip doesn’t bend or split. This ensures a consistent line-width at any angle or pressure. Plus, its clear line, excellent colour coverage and water resistant, non-bleed and fade-proof ink means work created with the EMOTT looks crisp and will last an age.  

New EMOTT pens from the Mitsubishi Pencil Company

As well as the 40-shade box, EMOTT pens are also available in a range of specially selected curated colour combinations in five and ten-piece sets that complement and illustrate seasons, moods and emotions.  The five-piece pack  comes with a stylish stand that allows you to store and display your pens. The 10-piece collection has a sleek flip-top case that can be angled for desk use then flipped back for easy storage.

EMOTT owners can escape into a world of colour by using the pens to practice mindful arts, crafts, journaling and writing with shades that suit their personality and individual style.  

To see the pens in action take a look at our journaling video here…


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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