Looking for ways to get the kids away from a screen? Then why not plunder our pen range and get creative with some fun spring activity ideas to try with kids?

With the first half term of the year coming up and the Easter holiday’s on the horizon, we’ve got some great seasonal activities to have a play with. From customised clothes to serious sketching, you can get kids of all ages, from toddler to teen, to engage in some creative escape.

1: Spring activity ideas with POSCA

Our POSCA pens are brilliant for all sorts of arts and crafts projects. POSCA paint markers  brilliantly on a range of surfaces. They include glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic, making these pens ideal for up cycling and all-purpose crafting. The pens are great to use with kids as they are water-based and non-toxic.

The paint pens are available in a range of sizes from chunky to fine. They dry opaque with a matte finish and solid colour.

Decorate ceramic birds with POSCA pens

Decorate ceramic birds with POSCA pens

Because POSCAs work on so many surfaces you can really vary your projects so little ones don’t get bored. Plus as they come in different sizes you can produce all kinds of marks without being a particularly accomplished artist.

So, how about getting the kids to decorate some cute little table decorations like the ceramic birds above? We chose our favourite pastel shades to colour up these bird containers. We added details and further embellishments with darker POSCA shades. You can use these birds as flower pots or as little servers for sweets.

Paint pebbles with POSCA

Paint pebbles with POSCA

Another great activity to try with your POSCAs is stone painting. We’ve whipped up a parliament of stone owls here using bright sparkling and fluorescent POSCA markers. You can have so much fun making these bird designs and they only involve drawing and colouring simple shapes on your rocks. Wanna see how we did it? Check out the video below…

If you are looking for great activity for older children why not get them to customise their clothes?

Personalise your clothes with POSCA

Personalise your clothes with POSCA

Adapting fashion items is a a brilliant way for tweens and teens to express their individuality and give items a personalised touch. We used sparkly POSCA pens to give a t-shirt and sneakers a David Bowie-inspired touch – the glitter POSCAs sit beautifully on fabric with a lovely finish.

Kids can enjoy simple mark-making with POSCA while updating their wardrobe. We used the range of nib sizes on our white POSCA pack to make a range of cool pen marks and strokes. See how combining the different pen sizes can produce some lovely results for a marvellous mono look.

Create coordinated customised fashion with POSCA

Create coordinated customised fashion with POSCA

2: Spring activity ideas with uni-Eye pens

Uni-Eye pens aren’t just for the office. These amazing handwriting pens can be used for a range of creative activities. Remember Eye pens come in a range of bright, vivid colours and they use Super Ink technology so the colour is dense, fade-free and water-resistant. 

Try hand-lettering with uni-Eye

Try hand-lettering with uni-Eye

Encourage your kids to get in on the calligraphy trend and perfect their script by trying some hand-lettering. Grab a set of plain postcards and get them to whip up a colourful alphabet. For a handy lettering step by step check out our guide here.

Journaling is hot news right now. Scrapbooks and journals are a fab way of documenting your life. So why not cultivate an interest in journaling for your child? Ask them to use their Eye pens to make a bullet journal to record their interests, set goals, reflect on any special moments and capture a moment in time. 

Create cool journaling with uni-Eye

Create cool journals with uni-Eye

Making an art or bullet journal is a brilliant way of perfecting  drawing skills and honing handwriting too. The activity is great for teens in particular as it’s ideal for working on concentration and mindfulness. Their journals can be private or your child can join the growing journaling community on social media to share their creations. 

Make a mandala with uni-Eye pens

Make a mandala with uni-Eye pens

The uni-Eye’s range of colours make the pens great for making a mandala. Like journaling, Mandala designs are a very popular way of practising creativity and mindfulness. The act of creating this circular design requires patience and meditation. Therefore making a mandala  can be an excellent distraction from anxious thoughts about school work and exams. Check out the step by step mandala project we created for Hobbycraft here

3: Spring activity ideas with SIGNO

SIGNO gel pens are a great choice for all kinds of paper-related projects. 

The pigment gel pen has fantastic colour coverage. Whether you are working with a light pastel shade, white or metallic ink, the colour will really pop on whatever colour card or paper you use.

The viscous formula behind the gel ink and rotating ball pen tip enables smooth writing without feathering and bleeding. The pigment contained in the ink is water-resistant and light-resistant, so you can enjoy the work for a long time. They’re great for making memories (and treasuring them for years to come). 

Make beautiful cards and paper crafts with SIGNO

Make beautiful cards and paper crafts with SIGNO

While SIGNO gel pens are ideal for colouring in and card-making, but you can also encourage kids to branch out with more paper-craft makes. You and the kids can create beautiful seasonal keepsakes like this gift-box below. We’ve used SIGNO metallics to draw simple floral motifs that would be a lovely pressie for a guest at a family get-together.

Decorate a box with florals

Decorate a box with florals

Just like the Eye, SIGNOs are really great pens for journaling. How about getting the kids to make a back to school journal during the half term or Easter holidays? It may help with encouraging conversation; helping you to get your kids to talk with you about their life at school. 

Make a back to school journal with SIGNO

Make a back to school journal with SIGNO

4: Spring activity ideas with uni-Chalk

If you have a garden or window box, cultivate some green-fingered joy in your kids by getting them involved in planting herbs and pot plants. Bring some further creativity to your gardening by getting kids to update and label pots, containers and signs with fine uni-Chalk markers.

Decorate pots and signs with uni-Chalk pens

Decorate pots and signs with uni-Chalk pens

The uni-Chalk PWE-3MS liquid chalk marker pen is made in Japan and have a fine 0.9mm – 1.3mm bullet nib.

The pens are perfect for writing on non porous chalkboards, chalkboard labels, windows, metal, plastic, glass and any other non-porous surface. They are rain resistant so are suitable for indoors and outdoors use but can also be easily removed from non-porous surfaces using a damp cloth, for more stubborn marks you can use one of our chalkboard cleaners. So you can whip up a host of great makes with the kids and know you can clean up afterwards.

5: Spring activity ideas with uni-PIN

Promote and encourage an arty off-spring’s talent with some exciting drawing projects with uni-PIN pens

Loved by artists, architects and graphic designers, the PIN fine line pens features uni-ball’s signature fade proof and water resistant Super Ink.

New innovations from Uni-PIN puts more creativity in your child’s artistic hands. The range of line finishes is fantastic; from fine line precision with the PIN’s a super fine black 0.03 nib  to expressive stokes with its brush tip and everything in between.

Draw your pet with uni-PIN brush pen (drawing by Ella Johnston

Draw your pet with PIN brush

Uni-PIN pens can easily be used with watercolour as the ink will not smudge when wet. That means you can inject some colour into line-drawn work. 

We love the idea of getting kids to draw the most popular member of the household – the family pet. We used watercolour and the uni-PIN brush tip for the cute cockapoo portrait above.

Draw your spring hare with watercolour and uni-PIN (drawing by Ella Johnston)

Spring hare!

Staying with the animal theme, how about getting kids to work on a spring hare piece? You can use the drawing to create cards and greetings to really show off your child’s drawing talents.  Take a look on how to build texture and shape with PIN pens here… 

Now we’re keyed into the season, how about organising a little field trip? Weather permitting! 

Sketch a landscape with uni-PIN pens (drawing by Ella Johnston)

Get outdoors and do some sketching

Get you and the kids outdoors with sketch pad and PIN pens for some landscape sketching. Whatever the outcome, you’ll have a great day out, fill your lungs with some fresh air and hone your child’s observational skills and hand-eye coordination.




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