Jazz up old jam jars with POSCA pens

It’s half term next week so we thought we’d give you an easy project to enjoy with the kids. Simply decorate jam jars with POSCA pens. This fun activity will help you master glass painting and create stunning items for tabletops and mantelpieces with POSCA pens.

If you’ve tried painting on glass with traditional glass paints then you’ll know what a messy, fiddly process it can be. POSCA pens take the fuss out of this and minimise the mess – meaning they’re ideal for little hands.

See how easily the pens work on glass in this video below…

POSCA pens work directly on glass and the choice of nib size gives you total creative freedom. The opaque finish means your design can sit on the surface and you can create personalised items that make fab gifts or trinkets. This is a great kids craft.

It’s easy to decorate jam jars with POSCA pens. Get the kids to free-style or, to help you out, use one of our designs. We have created a set of designs for you to download (see below), print out and try. You can use a full array of POSCA colours or just one shade; all you need to do is cut out a template, pop it under the glass and you’re away.


Download, print and cut out your chosen templates (download them by clicking here >Votive templates) , the curve is designed that way so it sits  all around the inside of the votive.

The other ones are made to be cut out and positioned anywhere inside  the votive. You may wish to use tape  to secure as you work.


To decorate jam jars with POSCA pens use POSCAs to go over the outline of the design on the outside of the glass as your template sits inside.  Once you are happy with the composition, you can fill in with  colour. Alternatively you can draw your own designs directly onto glass.


Wait for the filled in areas to dry and use contrasting POSCA colours for outline, detail and highlights. You can further embellish by using contrasting colours to add dots and strokes.

While we’re using this technique to decorate jam jars with POSCA pens. You can take a look at our video on overlaying colours below to see how we do it on fabric..


To make permanent, bake glass in the oven at 160ºC for 45 mins. Leave to cool, then varnish. To find out more about fixing your POSCAs on a range of surfaces check out the video below…


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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