Design an April journal with Eye Needle pens. Eye Needle pens are great for journaling; the pens ultra fine needle tip make it great for handwriting so you can make neat, precise lists and notes. The Eye Needle’s beautiful fine line and great ink flow also make them ideal for drawing so it’s a great pen to make interesting journals that combine writing and illustration.

Eye Needle pens are great for journaling

EYE NEEDLE PENS: Your journaling tools

Making a bullet journal is an excellent way of perfecting your drawing and honing your handwriting. Journaling is also a great way of practising mindfulness and for distracting yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

This easy journaling step by step talks you through how to make a vibrant opening page for you to kick-start documenting the month of April using just three Eye Needle pen colours. We made a heart shape in the middle of our journal page and worked around it with two very simple April themed motifs; April showers and roses.

April journal step 1: Raindrops

Eye Needle pens are great for journaling

Make your raindrops 1

An April themed journal has to reference April showers! You can easily draw raindrops; simply use your blue Eye Needle to make a long line curved at the end on one side then mirror it on the other.

Eye needle pen

Finish your raindrops 2

To create a bit of interest and variation in your April shower design vary the size of your raindrops. Colour some in with your blue Eye Needle and leave others blank.

Spring journal step 2: Draw your roses

Eye needle pen

Make your rose centre, April has St George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday; a simple motif to reference these themes are red roses.  Here is a very easy method to draw a rose…  You can create a simple floral shape by using basic shapes. First, draw a circle with your red Eye Needle.

Eye Needle pen red

Draw your petals, 2

Then add curves to the sides of your circle, then colour in. We filled in the side petals with a solid colour then used rough hatching in the central circle to add a little more texture. Then we added some simple ‘filler’ shapes at the top of the flower to create depth.

Eye needle red

Fill in your rose, 3

April journal step 3: Draw stems and leaves

Eye Needle black

Add stem and leaves in Eye Needle black

We wanted to create an ornate, decorative element to our April Journal opener, curved stems and leaves are ideal for this. To recreate this just draw a small triangle under the rose, then from there draw a curved line underneath. Use this line as a central point to draw out more curved lines, then add further lines out from them. Add leaf shapes at the end of those lines as shown.

Eye Journal black

Fill in your stems and leaves

Now fill in the leaf shapes. The rich colour coverage of the black uni Eye Needle is amazing and this stem and leaf motif really shows off the lovely flowing line and the dense richness of the Eye’s uni Super Ink.

Spring journal step 4: Write in your text

Eye needle

Add text, 1

With your simple illustrations done, all that’s left now is to write in your April themed text. First, just write the simple skeleton of your message. You can do it in pencil first and write over if you’re unconfident with your writing.

Embellish the text

One the skeleton text is done you can embellish it. Add accents to the insides and stem of your letters as shown. Now colour in.

Eye needle journal

Fill in your text

You have now completed your April journal opening page, now you can enjoy journaling for April. For journaling ideas see our journaling blog or check out our journaling and scrapbook pins on PINTEREST.

Eye needle journal


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