Marbled eggs with POSCA

We’ve always got lots of simple, achievable craft projects for you to have a go at and this easy easter project is no exception. Here we show you how to make marbled eggs with polystyrene shapes and Metallic POSCA pens.

We know Easter is a little while away yet but this is the first of many seasonal holiday projects you can build up and try in the holidays.

We show you how…

This easy marbling effect is incredibly simple. And you can try it on a range of surfaces. We think this effect looks excellent on egg shapes and would make a lovely decoration for a spring Easter-themed celebration.

Marbled eggs and stars

This is a kids Easter craft without fear of breakages. All you need for this project is a pack of 5M Metallic POSCA markers, a brush and some polystyrene egg shapes.

Step 1:

First draw some squiggles on your shapes in POSCA.

Step 2:

While your pen marks are still wet, drag with a dry brush.

Step 3:

Repeat and layer until the whole shape is marbled.

Try on different surfaces

As we said before you can try this technique on a range of surfaces. We love ¬†how it looks on ceramics. Check out how we transformed plain white pots into marbled wonders in this video below …

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