We love the summer and what better way of documenting those sun-kissed days then with a journal? We’ve used our EYE fine pens to create a colourful fruity journal to fully celebrate the sunny season.

The EYE fine’s range of vibrant colours are perfect for these fruity journal illustrations. We’ve employed simple shapes to create watermelon, grape and peachy designs. The EYE’s super vibrant ink looks amazing on paper and make the pens the perfect journaling companion.

We have created this cute summer journal in a dinky A6 notebook. This small size means you can slip it in your bag or pocket for sunny note taking and journaling on the go.

This project is not only a great summer journaling idea but is also a fun way to try simple illustration. It’s amazing how making simple shapes can create fruity journal designs. You can see more on this using EMOTT pens in our Creative Escape video here.

Fruity journal: you will need

Fruity journal you will need
We got our A6 journal from The Range and personalised the cover with POSCA. We’ve teamed this with the full colour range of EYE fine pens.

Draw your watermelons

Fruity journal with uniball EYE pens

This watermelon illustration couldn’t be easier to recreate. Simply make curves using the green EYE fine, then use your red pen to colour in the flesh of the watermelon. Once this is dry overlay with black EYE fine for the pips.

Fruity journal: easy grapes

Fruity journal with EYE fine pens

If you can doodle simple circles you can create this grape illustration. Use your violet EYE fine to roughly draw round bunches as shown. Then loosely colour, making sure you leave some white areas for highlights. Add branches and leaves with the orange EYE.

Summer journal blueberries and pinky peaches

Fruity journal opener with EYE fine pens

This is so simple. Just use your light blue to create clusters to round blueberries. Use your pink EYE to draw soft hearts and roughly colour in. Overlay with orange pen for a more peachy feel.

Time to celebrate

Fruity journal celebrate summer with uniball EYE fine pens

Write ‘CELEBRATE SUMMER’ in capital letters with blue and light blue pen. Overlay the pen marks to emphasise your letters.

Fruity journal freehand

Fruity journal opener with uniball EYE fine pens

Now add more detail on your journal page with some freehand text in purple and pink for complete your colourful summer journal page.


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