Want some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Celebrate the nurturing figure in your life and show off your creativity with these six Mother’s day hacks with POSCA pens.

1: Funky gift box

Present your gifts with a touch of homemade class with this beautiful hand-illustrated gift box. We painted a heart-shaped box with beautiful pink metallic-look acrylic paint. We then let it dry and used a 1MR black POSCA to create a very fine fir sprig design for a very elegant way to treat mum!

2: Silver votives

Create a lovely centre piece for a mother’s day table by using your POSCA pens on glass. For this glass painting project we simply made broad marks with our silver POSCA 8k nib and brushed them over a glass votive with a dry rough brush to create this gorgeous effect.

3: On the go florals

Give your mum something to smile about with her daily water hit by decorating a water-bottle with simple POSCA folky florals. We created this simple design with 5M and 3M POSCA pens. For a handy guide to creating folky flowers with POSCA check out our floral wreath how-to on the Hobbycraft website.

4: A pretty plant in a pretty pot

Pop a plant into a terracotta pot that you’ve decorated with a white 1m POSCA pen for a special gift for mum to nurture and treasure. We used a neat and tidy 1MR white POSCA to create a delicate paisley design on to terracotta pots.  Whatever shape you make, that crisp white paint looks great against the rust-colour of the pots and makes a perfect personalised gift.

5: Up-cycled loveliness

How about this for a cool up-cycle? Make any brush holders and containers for mum’s dressing table with the help of some old jam jars and POSCA pens. We’ve blended blue and white POSCAs to create pretty anemone flower petals. We then waited for that to dry and overlaid these petals to make a bold, black floral centre.

6: Mono magic

Leatherette bag customised with white POSCA pens
Be bold with black and white. This stylish fashion hack takes advantage of the all the different sized POSCA nibs. This leatherette bag is customised with white POSCA pens from the POSCA white pen set. We’ve used all the pen sizes to make a range of marks. The result is a cool holdall with a contemporary design – perfect for the modern mum.


Colour is a means of expression for everyone, with its own meaning that varies from culture to culture.

Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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