Halloween check list with EYE Designer pens
Organising a spooky party? We’ve got some quick and easy happy halloween hacks to try with our pens. These simple solutions are sure to add a ghoulish delight to your halloween gathering.

Set the scene

Halloween hack cobwebs with chalk markers

While you’re decking out your place with all manner to halloween-themed decorations, don’t forget your windows, chalk walls and chalk boards. Adorn them with an easy cobweb design using chalk markers. It’s one of our easiest halloween hacks. To draw a cobweb all you have to do is make a dot with your marker then make diagonal lines emanating from the central point. Then, simply draw connecting curves between each line.

Uni Chalk markers are ideal for sign-writing and drawings. The 5mm bullet tip is perfect for writing and smaller details. They are rain-resistant, so they’re great for signs outdoors, but can be removed from non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth or mild detergent so you can clean up easily.

Ghoulish greetings

Halloween hacks make a card with EMOTT Pens
You can’t have a party without invites, so establish the tone from the start by sending out some hand-made cards.

We love this scary pumpkin design using EMOTT pens.  If you are a drawer or journaller these pens are for you! Here we made use of all the colours in one of the range’s 10-piece packs. Check out the packs to find a colour combination you love.
Easy halloween hack ghost card with PIN pens
If that pumpkin card looks a little too involved for you then how about these simple designs? We used a  0.8 PIN pen to create the ghost card above and simply cut out a scallop edge at the bottom to create a more floaty feel. Or take advantage of our cobweb drawing halloween hacks. Try your cobwebs out on black card using white and silver SIGNO gel pens.
Spider's web halloween hack

Spooky lighting solutions

Halloween hacks spooky cat lantern
We know drama is EVERYTHING for a halloween shindig. So set the mood with some seasonal lighting. We have used  black and gold POSCA Pens to decorate the glass tea-light holder with some witches cats. If you need help with the cat shape you can follow our cat drawing guide to help you.

Halloween hack pumpkin bowie lantern
Alternatively, you could channel your inner glam rock star with this little number. We bought some plain pumpkin ceramic votives and gave them a David Bowie-inspired revamp with 5m POSCA pen pack colours. This is one of our favourite halloween hacks as it’s a great way to get spooky and embrace some brighter hues! You could also use this colourful lightning bolt motif on some real pumpkins to really bring the theme together.

If you don’t fancy buying a load of new stuff, get up-cycling. Grab your black and white 1M POSCAS and draw some simple cobwebs onto jam-jars. A simple spooky solution and one of our go-to halloween hacks.

While you’ve got a black POSCA in your hand, try whipping up these melting ghost candles. If you can draw circles and ovals you can master this. Just draw little ghostly faces onto white candles. And, while supervised and standing them on a non-flammable surface, watch them melt when you light them.

Pumpkin themed paper goodies

Halloween hack party bag
Remember don’t do all the work yourself. Get the kids involved. These pumpkin themed halloween hacks can be easily done by small hands and you don’t have to worry about them carving anything! Grab a set of orange paper plates, cardboard goodie bags and a black POSCA pen. Then get the little ones to make safe and simple pumpkin faces!


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