Make this Christmas the craftiest ever. Create easy handmade Christmas cards with your favourite SIGNO gel pens and POSCA markers.

Five handmade Christmas card ideas using SIGNO gel pens and POSCA pens

We’ve got a selection of fab festive designs for handmade Christmas cards for you to try. They look impressive but are surprisingly easy to recreate using simple drawing techniques. Don’t worry if you’re not confident in your drawing skills. We’ve made some step by step drawing videos for you to see how these easy Christmas illustrations were made. You will also be able to see just how simple SIGNO metallic pens and POSCA paint pens are to use and therefore what effects you can produce. And don’t forget there’s loads more easy to follow how-to illustration demonstrations on our YOUTUBE channel.

Remember, a handmade Christmas card is much more special than mass-produced shop bought cards. You can whip up loads of creative Christmas greetings to impress friends and family, why not try these for starters?

Funky festive wreath greeting

Handmade illustrated Christmas Wreath Xmas card and gift box with metallic SIGNO broad gel pens

Handmade Christmas Card and Gift Box Wreath Xmas illustration with metallic SIGNO broad gel pens

We love a Christmas wreath and believe it or not this motif is easy to recreate with both POSCA pens and SIGNO pens. Follow the POSCA step by step here. When creating your handmade Christmas card, be playful with your colours. While a traditional green wreath never fails to impress why not go for the full-on tinsel effect with a blue and silver SIGNO design? Or go for a blue and white frosty motif as seen in our POSCA creation below.

Handmade illustrated Christmas Wreath Xmas card with POSCA

Handmade Christmas Card Wreath Xmas card with POSCA

You can use this Xmas card design on gift boxes and gift tags too as our festive drawing how to video demonstrates…

Easy Gingerbread Houses

Easy Gingerbread House Christmas cards made with POSCA pens

Handmade Christmas card with gingerbread design

Aren’t these Scandi-influenced gingerbread houses uber cute? They are super easy to make too – honestly try for yourself. Just get a pack of A6 card blanks, grab an 8k Gold POSCA and some white and red POSCA paint makers and go for it. See how we did it in the video below….

Try hand-lettering with SIGNO

NOEL hand-lettering card, SIGNO gel pens Christmas card

Handmade Christmas Card ‘noel’ hand-lettering

Hand-lettering has been a huge trend this year so why don’t you give is a go with your handmade Christmas cards? You too can perfect your hand-script by making a set of wordy greetings. We love white SIGNO pen on dark card. It dries to a smooth, creamy opaque finish and is ideal for all manner of festive makes. Team with gold and silver SIGNOs for the ultimate Christmassy look! Check out the how-to drawing demo video here…

For little angels and festive fairies

Sometimes it’s nice to be a bit whimsical when you’re designing your handmade Christmas cards. This simple Christmas angel (or festive fairy if you prefer) drawing is easy to create. It employs a few simple shapes that, once you have the template, you can use time and again to recreate. The shapes are really brought to life with the SIGNO metallics. Why not make the shapes then get little ones to draw around and make their own? Have a look at the video how to here…

Simple garlands, special results

Can you believe these garland designs started by making a simple circle then adding little details? We use this motif on Christmas greetings, hand-drawn gift tags and hand-illustrated gift wrap as it looks so effective. We love the metallic SIGNO on this black card as it looks so dramatic especially with the bronze, white, silver and metallic green colour combos. While this looks amazing with SIGNOs it also works a treat with POSCAs as our how to gift wrap step by step shows…


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