Get rid of the January blues with these five ways to POSCA your homewares.

We know that come winter you are looking for ways to brighten up your days. Plus on cold, dark weekends we want to give you some activities that you can have a go at with the kids something to get them away from their screens. Our ideas to POSCA your homewares are all really easy and effective. These customisation tips will not only give your homewares a quick update but they’ll also be satisfying, easy to complete crafty projects that you can not only display but can give as gifts, or sell online.

POSCA markers are ideal for all kinds of homeware updates and up-cycles. Water-based and non-toxic, these paint pens dry opaque with a glittery sheen and work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic – excellent when you’ve got a lots of different projects on the go. If you’d like to find out more about POSCA and our other pens visit our FAQ section.

POSCA YOUR HOMEWARES: Folky floral letters

Framed HOME cardboard letters updated with POSCA 1M makers

Framed HOME cardboard letters updated with POSCA 1M makers

Here we’ve taken some plain cardboard lettering and given it a folky flavour with 17K and 1m POSCAs. We’ve painted letters with a white 17K Posca, left to dry, then covered with fine floral and leaf motifs. To finish, we mounted the letters on card and popped them into a frame. See how we recreated our laurel sprig design in the step by step below or learn how to draw an easy flower here.

Draw a curved line

Draw a series of small curves up the curved lines

Join the tops of the curves into the central line

Colour in

POSCA YOUR HOMEWARES: Kintsugi-style ceramics

POSCA kintsugi-style vase

POSCA kintsugi-style vase

Kintsugi (‘golden joinery’) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Kintsugi treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to hide. This look is becoming very fashionable right now, so get in on this hot trend for your ceramics. Thankfully you don’t have to break pots to achieve this look, all you need is a gold POSCA pen! What’s more, the technique is surprisingly easy to recreate. Check out our kintsugi how to on the Hobbycraft blog and try this simple POSCA hack for yourself.

POSCA YOUR HOMEWARES: Matisse inspired glasses

Matisse style glass votives created with POSCA

Matisse style glass votives created with POSCA

The artist Henri Matisse is a constant inspiration for artists, illustrators, designers and interior stylists. Why not get in on the Matisse action with these simple votives updated with bright POSCA shades accented by black and white? These glasswares are inspired by Matisse’s sea-themed cut outs. All we did was draw some motifs, stick them under the glass and trace over with the POSCA. Painting on glass is easy with POSCA markers. Remember, to make permanent simply pop them in an oven for 45mins at 160 degrees and spray with varnish.

POSCA YOUR HOMEWARES: Modern art coasters

Bright mdf coasters updated with 7M POSCAs

Bright mdf coasters updated with 7M POSCAs

In 15 vibrant shades, the new POSCA 7m nibs are great for beginners; their large nibs make confident bold marks, while the rounded tips allow for greater precision and control. Also, these big, bold pens are particular great for small hands! We used our 7m markers to create bold shapes on plain MDF coasters to add a splash of colour to our tea routine. The 7m POSCA collection consists of black, white, grey, bright and light orange, red, pink, purple, bright and light yellow, dark blue, light blue plus dark and light green paint markers.

POSCA YOUR HOMEWARES: Easy geometric frame

Update a frame with POSCA colours

Update a frame with POSCA colours

This update couldn’t be simpler yet looks really effective and on-trend. Simply colour-in geometric shapes with 7m or 5m POSCAs then leave to dry. Then overlay squiggles, dashes and dots of 3m or 1MR POSCAs in contrasting colours. You can neaten up any rough edges and joins by covering with outlines of white POSCA.


See how POSCAs work on different surfaces by following this video…


Check out some more POSCA home hacks here….


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