POSCA pastel sets

Celebrate your soft side with the new POSCA pastel collections.

Check out our new pastel POSCA packs. These new POSCA pastel paint marker sets give you the power to draw, doodle and decorate in dreamy pastel shades.

POSCA pastel sets

A choice of sizes

Choose from four key POSCA pastel nib sizes from solid, robust 5M to ultra-fine 1MR sizes. Contemporary design fans will adore these specially selected soft, subtle colours. Check our our pen size guide in this video…

POSCA pens are renowned for delivering amazing, true colour to suit any artistic style. And now the paint markers’ have launched a collection of gorgeous pastel shades, available in four versatile pen sizes. 

These POSCA pastel packs feature delightful shades such as sunshine yellow, coral, aqua, apricot and lavender as well as light pinks and blues. The new, contemporary colours will suit so many on-trend projects and give artists and crafters a wealth of creative options. These soft, on-trend shades allow you to create beautiful work in a new, more subtle palette. And, while these new hues are super delicate, they still pack the same colour coverage and punch of your favourite POSCA paint markers.

More creative options

POSCA pastel sets

Fresh and vibrant, these colours will appeal to a wide range of artists, crafters and designers. They work brilliantly on seasonal makes and provide a bright new look. While these shades are delightful in their own right, the crisp colours also really ‘pop’ on dark backgrounds so you can really have fun with these radiant hues. Having a range of POSCA pastel nib sizes available also offers the choice of different finishes, colour coverage and line effects. Therefore giving you more style solutions.  

Design, draw and decorate

POSCA pastel sets

Like all POSCA paint markers POSCA pastel pens are effective on a range of surfaces. These include paper, card, stone, glass, ceramic, leather, fabric, wood and plastic. So they are the perfect pen for up-cycling, personalising clothes, creating decorations or designing a greeting. The multi-purpose, multi-surface ability of the markers gives one pack a multitude of uses making them excellent value and a great gift for the creative in your life.



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