Are you in the midst of organising an Egg hunt? Here we show you how to host the best-looking Easter Egg hunt with POSCA pens. We have so many Easter party decoration ideas and kid’s activities you can try to make your seasonal shin-dig the BEST ever.

Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour. These essential paint markers are essential tools for up-cycle, art and craft projects. POSCAs work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting. So POSCA paint markers are great for handmade party decorations and kids crafts.

Make seasonal signs!
Egg hunt sign designed with POSCA

POSCAs work on wood and paper so why not whip up a wooden sign and little gift tags with your POSCA pens? We painted a wooden sign with a white 17K POSCA, then waited for it to dry before we added our text and illustrations with 3M POSCA pens. As you can see you can overlay colours on-top of each other when then pens dry – giving you a wealth of creative options!

We’ve also used a white 1Mr POSCA to decorate kraft card gift tags for guests. These hand-scribed tags give your party favours additional style.

Surprise the kids
Decorate wooden eggs with POSCA

On your egg hunt why not team your chocolate eggs with something kids can keep. Mix your edible eggs with wooden shapes all hand-decorated with POSCA. We coloured these with blue 7M POSCAs and added simple feather motifs with 1MR markers.

Make cute gift boxes

Decorate gift boxes with POSCA
We’re all about making things extra special so decorate little gift boxes with POSCAs. To make, cover lidded cardboard gift boxes with a white PC-8k Posca, leave to dry. To design the art deco rose motif seen on the lid and sides of the box, use PC-1M Posca’s to draw three little dashes to create a centre, add larger marks around the three dashes, then make another layer of strokes. Fill these out and shape each mark to create a softer curves. You can do this directly on the white background or make a rough circle shape and layer these strokes in a contrasting colour. Add leaves and buds.  In pencil, sketch your chosen initial in the middle of the shape. Use your PC-1M Posca, or if you want to go the extra mile, a PCF-350 Posca, to go over the pencil design, filling in areas as you go.

Decorate sweetie jars
Design a mini egg jar

As well as giving kids the opportunity to scrabble around for large eggs why not get them to dig deep into a sweetie jar for little eggs? Use large POSCAs to decorate glass jars with easy egg motifs. Check out the glass painting video below to see how we did it…

Create fun activities

Paint pebbles with POSCA

Sometimes the weather can let us down. So on your egg hunt create some back up indoor activities. POSCA pens are perfect for pebble painting. So get little hands to decorate pebbles and stones with birdie designs and their POSCA pens.

You can also get children to make thank you cards for all their chocolatey treats. This hand-script make is easy to recreate and gets older kids to perfect their hand-writing. Follow the video below for further guidance.


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