We’ve got a great idea for a handmade, arty Mothering Sunday gift. We show you how you can blend POSCA pens with water for a Mother’s Day artwork and make a dreamy floral design.

POSCA paint markers are great to work with and offer so many creative possibilities. Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour but you can make the shades lighter and more painterly by using them with water. Because POSCA pens contain a water-based pigment paint you can dilute the colours to create a softer style with your POSCA pen creations.

These essential paint markers are ideal tools for up-cycle, art and craft projects. POSCAs work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting and great for handmade, personalised gifts. While it’s great to try POSCA on lots of surfaces, they also work really well paper and card – so try making some art with them.

This project shows you how to blend 1M POSCA pens on watercolour paper to create a bespoke, floral themed art work¬† in time for Mother’s Day.¬† However, once master it, you can try this technique on a range of artworks with a number of different sized POSCA markers.

STEP 1: Blend

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers: step 1

For the first part of this dreamy floral artwork, you have to create the roses. Start with a red wine 1M POSCA pen and make rough concentric strokes for the flower. While the paint is still wet, use a water-lodged brush to soften the lines and create a rosey motif as shown.

STEP 2: Add and blend other elements

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers

Use water with POSCAs: step 2

Keep going with your wet brush. For the feathers, draw in as shown, colour in the top of the front feather with your blue POSCAs and use the brush to drag the colour over and down the shapes while it’s still wet, this should create an ombre style , watercolour effect. Repeat this technique with the leaves and stems.

STEP 3: Detail darling!

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers

Overlay detail step 3

Once the base colour is dry, you can use your fine 1M POSCAs to add detail and definition. We’ve used the colours that we originally diluted to add decorative effects on our feather and the define some of the petals and leaves. We then started to add highlights with an Ivory 1M POSCA.

STEP 4: Add further highlights

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers

Add highlights step 4

Now overlay lighter colours onto your elements. We’ve used a light pink on our roses and made little white dots onto the feather. We’ve also used the dark green to add veins to our leaves.

STEP 5: Write your message

Blend water with POSCA Paint Markers

Write a message step 5

One of the lovely things about 1M POSCA pens is they write beautifully. Choose a complimentary colour to write a message on your artwork

You have now finished your artwork, why not mount it onto a card for an original handmade Mother’s Day greeting?

Dream floral art work created with POSCA pens

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