Last week we gave you some handy festive stationery gift ideas. Now we have five more creative stationery gifts for Christmas 2019.

Uni-ball EYE pens stationery gifts for Christmas
This time we’ve concentrated on cool stationery gift solutions for the creative customiser, dedicated artist, committed crafter and serious scribe.

We’ve put together some great packages to give you some unique ideas for stationery gifts for Christmas or some handy pen-themed party packs for your festive gatherings.

Stationery gifts for Christmas: Build a creative hamper

stationery gifts for Christmas

Give the gift of creativity this Christmas by presenting the dreamers, doers, crafters and colour-inner in your life with a set of POSCA pens.

We’ve got the ideal Christmas gift for a creative customiser. As we know, POSCA paint markers work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including paper, card, glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic, making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting.

We put together a POSCA hamper to let your loved one’s creativity run riot. This one includes a set of notebooks for journaling, mdf coasters to decorate and three ceramic vases for up-cycling, plus a collection of POSCA PC-1M markers.

POSCA PC-1M marker pens come in an array of marvellous shades, ranging from deep black and slate grey to soft creams and candy pink plus metallic hues. It’s the coolest hamper we’ve ever seen!

Christmas stationery gift solutions: Make the ultimate arty package

stationery gifts for Christmas

Loved by professional artists, architects and graphic designers – uni-PIN pens are ideal stationery gifts for Christmas.

We’ve got the perfect Christmas gift idea for an arty friend. We chose a wide selection of PIN nibs and teamed them with plain notebooks for sketching and journaling. We then added a set of watercolours (which PIN work so well with). The pack is completed with a handy book on drawing techniques that your artistic loved one can explore with their PIN pens.

Available in a wide range of fine nibs, the uni-ball PIN is an excellent value drawing pen. PIN fine line pens are a great gift for artists and designers. They feature uni-ball’s signature fade proof and water resistant Super Ink. Subsequently the pens can easily be used with watercolour work as the ink will not smudge when wet.

The wide selection of nib sizes and easy handling means the PIN pens are perfect for creating a tonal range, so they’re excellent for detailed artwork. The extensive range of pen sizes available in the PIN range also allows the artist to create several line widths, so they are often used for landscape and architectural sketches.

Stationery gifts for scribes: Paper perfection

stationery gifts for Christmas
Writers need notebooks. Many great writers carry a notebook everywhere they go. They jot down overheard conversations (it’s what Alan Bennett does), any thoughts or observations they have that day or something visual they’ve spotted that will create a great setting for their work.

As Will Self notes “Always carry a note-book. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.”

So make sure any budding scribe in your life is well stocked with notebooks, pens and postcards to share their thoughts. Put a writers care package together with uni EYE pens.

Super reliable and excellent quality, the uni-ball Eye Micro rollerball pen has been a world favourite for more than 20 years. That’s because it does its job, and delivers smooth flowing, rich ink to the page with a consistent skip-free line. This pen doesn’t jam and the barrel’s handy ink window lets indicates your ink levels, so you won’t get caught out. Perfect for the on-the-go writer.  For more inspiration, we’ve got some great writing exercises on our YOUTUBE channel.

Stationery gifts for Christmas: Card making kit

stationery gifts for Christmas

Do you know a committed crafter? Put together a little card-making kit for them with plain card blanks, coloured paper and SIGNO gel pens.

SIGNO gel pens are the perfect tools to get out on a rainy day to play with, to whip up those handmade cards and much-loved colourful drawings.

SIGNO gel pens are available in loads of vibrant ink colours. They feature a twin-ball ink control to prevent leaks plus the ink is fade-free, water resistant and tamper proof. So card-makers and paper-crafters can treasure their creations for years to come.


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