Are you wanting to start a scrapbook or do you need inspiration for one you are working on? Read on for some brilliantly simple tips from a scrapbooking expert.

Why is scrapbooking so popular?

Scrapbooking pro, and editorial director of It’s My Magazine, Krystle Downie, told us why more and more of us craft lovers are starting scrapbooks.

She said: “True scrapbooking is the recording of life, and a lot of people enjoy it for many reasons. From documenting holidays, passions and hobbies to chronicling their children’s lives and their development.”

Keep reading for Krystle’s expert advice on making scrapbooking simple . . .

Simple scrapbooking tips and ideas! 

Easy scrapbooking ideas

Make sure you pick the right album

Krystle told us: “Scrapbooking albums tend to come in two sizes 12 inches by 12 inches or 8.5 inches by 11 inches, lots of shops stock scrapbooking supplies and layouts to accommodate these dimensions”.

“However, you can use any size or shape of book to house your memories in, as long as you love it when you look at it, let your instinct be your guide.”

Choose an inspiring theme!

Krystle suggests starting with a key moment or event in your life, like a birthday, wedding, new birth, or a big move. She says: “Once you start, the inspiration and your imagination will flow and you can be lead to scrap about areas of your life that may be quite surprising”.


TOP TIP: Wedding scrapbooks are often seen as a good planning tool. If you are a bride or groom to be they can help you decide on a beautiful theme for your big day!


Tips for photo scrapbooks!

Krystle told our blogger a ‘disturbing theory’ that: “despite being the most photographed generation, we will have no physical pictures in 10 years”.

To stop this becoming a reality Krystle suggests you start a scrapbook solely made up of photographs. She said: “Choose pictures that are clear and don’t always go for the obvious. Sometimes an unconventional, off the cuff, non-staged image can really convey the message you want really effectively”.

Make sure you have the essential scrapbooking supplies!

Krystle describes this as the ‘exciting part’ and ‘worthy of a trip to your local arts and crafts shop’. She says: “Card, patterned paper, embellishments and stamps are a great way to express your creativity and really get the family involved”.

uni-ball have an extensive range of craft pens that are available from a variety of different shops either online or in stores.

Krystle’s TOP TIP: “Do remember to be tasteful and timeless with your layouts as sometimes less is more. Don’t try to cram everything onto one page – your scrapbook is your journey – don’t rush it”.

Have you got any scrapbooking ideas?

We are on the hunt for scrapbooking inspiration and ideas. It would be great if you could send them to us via our uni-ball Facebook page! You might even get to feature in our next blog post about scrapbooking!




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