Design a September journal with PIN pens

Can you believe it’s the end of summer already? Celebrate the new season by designing a September journal with PIN pens.

We’ve got organised for the coming months by creating a mono design with black brush PIN, plus grey and light grey PIN pens.

PIN pens are amazing for so many uses. Yes you can enjoy them for fine line drawing but you can also create fantastic hand-lettering and have fun with some subtle doodles.

Journaling is also a fantastic practice and a great hobby to get into. This is especially true as you are preparing to go back to school. Creating a monthly journal is a great way to practice mindfulness. Use this hobby to manage any stress or anxiety you may be feeling in the new school term.

We’ve really made the most of the PIN’s brush tip when putting together this monthly journal opener. So take a look at our journal step by step and try it yourself.

1: September journal: you will need

September journal

For your September journal you need a five pack of PIN pens, which include dark and light grey PINs and a black brush tip. You’ll also need a notebook or journal, compasses and a pencil.

2: Get started

September journal

Start your journal page by drawing a light circle with a pencil to as an outline guide for your opener.

3: Make a garland

September journal, brush pin garland

This is where your brush PIN pen really comes into its own. Hold the brush pen at an angle to ‘flick’ strokes around the circle. Further embellish the strokes by applying pen marks onto the lines as shown, still holding the pen at an angle.

Brush pen garland

4: Embellish your garland

Adorn your garland

Adorn your garland with buds. First use the 0.5 dark grey pen to draw in full circles. Then apply dots of the light grey 0.5 pen.

5: Write in your ornate text

september text

Sketch your hello text with pencil.

september journal

Go over the skeleton of your text in 0.1 dark grey pen.

september journal

Fill in the text with your 0.5 dark grey pen.

6: Draw simple brush text

brush text

Write in ‘September’ using your brush PIN pen. Make your letters using the tip of your brush and pressing down to create a thicker line. Hold the brush tip at an angle to create a flourishy underline.



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