March themed journal page

Here we show you how to create a March-themed journal page embellished with spring flower illustration with SIGNO gel pens.

If you haven’t tried journaling we suggest you give a go. Making a scrapbook or journal is a great way of practising mindfulness and for distracting yourself from the stresses of everyday life. By making a visual record in your journal you can focus on things you love and enjoy. You can use journaling to reflect on those special moments and capture a point in time. Making an art journal is a also an excellent way of perfecting your drawing and honing your handwriting too. So why not make March the month you start a new journaling hobby?

This easy journaling step by step talks you through how to make a beautiful spring-themed opening page for you to kick-start documenting the month of March. We talk you through how to make really simple spring floral motifs using our SIGNO gel pens in an array of gorgeous pastel pen colours.

Spring journal, step 1: Make your garland

Journal illustration: make your garland with SIGNO gel pens

Journal illustration: make your garland

We are using a simple circular garland or spring wreath design for our opening journal page. Use a pair of compasses to make the initial circle.

Go over your pencil disc by adding curved lines along with guide with your pastel green SIGNO gel pen.

Journal illustration signo gel pens

Add colour to your garland

March journal, step 2: Embellish your lines

Journal illustration: make your garland with SIGNO gel pens

Embellish your garland

Once you have made your lines, embellish further by adding leaves to your green curves. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist for this – all you have to do is add little dashes along the lines or make simple filled-in oval shapes.

Spring journal, step 3: Draw a simple star flower

Draw a simple star flower with SIGNO gel pens

Draw a flower

Now you have your leafy garland you can add more decoration by drawing in some flowers with a pastel red SIGNO pen.  These star flowers are really easy to create. Simply put a dot to make a centre then draw simple lines coming out of that central point.

March journal step 4: Create a simple lavender motif

Simple lavender drawing with SIGNO gel pens

Draw easy lavender

Now you can add further interest by creating a lavender motif coming out from the wreath. Use your violet SIGNO to draw a curved lines of ever decreasing heart-shapes as shown. Then extend by adding delicate dots onto your little hearts.

Spring journal step 5: Draw spring tulips

Draw spring tulips with SIGNO gel pens

Draw spring tulips

No spring floral design is complete without the addition of tulips. We’ve worked out an easy, but effective way to draw these quintesential seasonal flowers. We have used a pastel pink SIGNO gel pen to make an elongated ying/yang shape and filled it in. Then we added a green SIGNO spot at the base of our flower design and draw a basic stem and leaf design to finish.

March journal step 6: Hand-scribe your message

Practice lettering with SIGNo gel pens

Practice lettering

Now you can practice your hand-lettering with SIGNO pens by writing in your central message. You may want to sketch it out first in pencil if you are unconfident with your handwriting. First, draw the skeleton of your letters, adding finials and spurs to create an extra flourish. Create depth by drawing curved lines inside the bowl of the text and outside the stem of your letters. Then fill in with your beautiful deep blue SIGNO pastel pen.

March-themed journal page with SIGNO gel pens


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