Love paper, pens and all things stationery? Then join us at the London Stationery Show or indeed, Stationery Show London, at the end of April and be inspired.

We showcase our pen collections including our best-selling EYE range

We showcase our pen collections at Stationery Show London, including our best-selling EYE range

Try the pens

The London Stationery show is one of the most important events on our calendar. Here we get the opportunity to meet our trade customers and showcase our wide range of writing pens as well as art and craft tools. We love showing people how our Super Ink technology powers our writing pens such as the Air and Eye (where we also show how the Eye’s many different colours and a choice of writing finishes too from micro to fine) and demonstrate how smoothly this ink writes.

Meet us at our stand

Meet us at our dedicated stand – check out the chairs – they are decorated with POSCA

As well as our excellent writing pens. We also have our full range of PIN fine line pigment ink pens for you to try. Have you seen our new Sepia and Grey shades yet? You can also have a play with the PIN’s new brush nib – with a precision tip yet easy flowing style, we think it’s the best brush tip pen out there.

uni-ball ambassador Ella Johnston in jacket she customised using POSCA pens

uni-ball ambassador Ella Johnston at Stationery Show London in jacket she customised using POSCA pens

Artists in action

Check out our POSCAs and PINs

Check out our POSCAs and PINs at Stationery Show London

The show is also an excellent way to exhibit what our POSCA pens can do and to show off our talented ambassadors. Last year artist and illustrator Ella Johnston (sporting a POSCA customised jacket) conducted glass painting workshops with POSCA pens as part of the show’s hands-on ‘Creative Stationery’ workshops. The retailer workshops last approximately 45 minutes and offer more in depth look at the real USPs of the product. Also they are just a great way of getting the chance to sit down and try your hand at a range of great mark-making and drawing techniques with the paint markers.

He's lovely really! SP-ZERO customising a table with POSCA

He’s lovely really! SPZero76 customising a table with POSCA

Renowned street artist SPZero76 customised our stand throughout the two-day show, using a wide selection of POSCA paint markers. He really did transform the space and we look forward to seeing what he can do this year. We’ll be sure to have loads of other exciting artist collaborations this year too!

Finished cabinet customised by SP-ZERO with POSCA

Finished cabinet customised by SPZero76 with POSCA

Get the low-down on stationery trends

A whole world of stationery joy awaits! Not only will you get to see the uni-ball team but you can also be inspired by events, activities and opportunities to learn new things. The show has so many resources that stationery addicts will love.

Check out the latest trends at the show’s Stationery Trend Hub and Trend Tours. The show works closely with trend forecasting team, Scarlet Opus, to create a Stationery Trend Hub. Plus each year Scarlet Opus selects three global consumer and design trends it feels will have a significant influence in the UK stationery market.

To find out more about the show and to get tickets visit the show’s website.



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