Pebble painting is easy with POSCA pens. Here we show you how to design a rose pebble with POSCA paint markers.

This super simple stone painting project is really fun to do, all you have to do is follow our drawing step by step. Once you master this flower drawing technique you can utilise all your POSCA pen colours to whip up a colourful floral stone garden. So give this rock painting project a go.

We coloured our stone in a light blue 8K POSCA pen to give the surface a cool, pastel coverage. Then we used our 3M POSCAs to create our rose pebble design.

POSCAs are great on so many surfaces such as  glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic and they work so well on pebbles and rocks. Because they’re paint pens, not loose paint, you have more control. These pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting and great for handmade, personalised gifts.

One: Make your marks

To make the art deco rose pebble design, use your POSCAs to draw dashes to create a centre, add larger marks around the central dashes, then make another layer of strokes.

Two: Bulk out your rose petals

Shape each mark to create a softer curves for your rose pebble design. Then use your POSCA to colour in and fill these curves out to make petals.

Three: Add highlights to your rose pebble design

Add a contrasting, lighter colour POSCA to create shape and highlights on your rose petals.

Four: Finish with more details

Draw in leaves and stems around your rose design. Use much lighter POSCA colours to create further highlights and details. Finish and protect your rose pebble design by brushing over with a clear varnish. 

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Wanna have a go at more rock painting with POSCA? Check out our YOUTUBE channel where we use our POSCAs to whip up a cute owl design.


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