Create your own special festive displays this Christmas and make amazing tree decs with POSCA pens.

POSCA pens work brilliantly on seasonal makes and provide a bright new look across so many projects. They work brilliantly on a range of surfaces making them ideal for giving your Christmas tree a stylish update.

Easy to try ideas

Whatever your level of ability, you can add a personal touch to your festive celebration. And we’ll show you how. You can apply your festive designs onto ceramic shapes, chalkboard decorations, plain and clear baubles – just take a look at our creative Christmas craft ideas below…

Create your look

What’s more, POSCA pens are perfect for upcycling, personalising clothes, creating various decorations or designing a greeting. The multi-purpose, multi-surface ability of the markers gives one POSCA pack a variety of uses. So you can use these ideas as a spring-board to make a wealth of co-ordinated Christmas makes.

Personalised POSCA tree decorations: Poinsettia perfection

Christmas decoration ideas with POSCA

These decorated festive shapes makes look impressive but are surprisingly easy to recreate using simple drawing techniques. We promise!

When you break it down, our poinsettia, holly and sprig designs are simply composed of dots, curves and lines.

First use a 7M or 8K black POSCA to add a base colour to your ceramic shapes and leave to dry.

First draw in your flowers.  Use a 1MR red POSCA to draw a two vertical petal shape top and bottom. Add two petals either side as shown, then colour in. Once dry, fill in the centre with white and black 1MR POSCAS.

You can then surround your flowers with a green foliage design. To create the mistletoe sprigs, make curved lines with green PC-1MR pen. Then use it to draw upside-down tear-shapes long the line and colour them in. Draw in clusters of three little berries and single dots along the stems with white PC-1MR pen. Then use the white POSCA  to add highlights to the leaves. To further embellish, see how to make the sprig design see our handy step by step guide.

Get creative with POSCAS: Personalised  baubles

Christmas decoration ideas with POSCA

As you can see from our ceramic shape designs, POSCA shades really ‘pop’ on dark backgrounds. That’s why we love using them on chalkboard decorations as they look so stylish. We’ve continued our traditional floral and foliage theme on these and left a space to write a little message. Why not try this and personalise with your family’s names?  You can check out the full project and more POSCA chalk bauble ideas on the Crafts Beautiful website.

Make amazing tree decs with POSCA pens: Create celestial orbs

Christmas decoration ideas with POSCA

Embrace the celestial trend this Christmas and decorate plain black and white baubles with metallic POSCAs and this great marbling technique.

Metallics are enduring popular at this year. Make sure your Christmas crafts are on-trend by using the eight-piece Metallic POSCA set. The luxe pen collection showcases gorgeous shades of blue, purple, pink, reds and bronzes as well as the traditional gold and sliver.

We’ve worked this marbling technique on white and black baubles but they’d look equally as good on navy and purple shapes. To marble, simply apply loose lines of POSCA colour and drag with a dry brush while the POSCA pen paint is still wet. Just layer different coloured lines over each other to get a deeper effect.

Easy Christmas crafting: Paint pretty pastel fancies

Christmas decoration ideas with POSCA

This idea is so simple, you could turn it into something to do with the kids to get them involved in your festive prep. All you and the little ones need to make amazing tree decs with POSCA pens is some water based metallic acrylic paint,  clear fillable baubles and the eight-piece Metallic POSCA set.

It’s a bit messy but that’s half the fun. Put a protective covering on your surface. Open your baubles. Then dilute your paint with a little water and paint the inside of your shapes to coat them with the shiny colour. Make sure the whole of the inside is covered, swirling them around each half, then leave to dry.

Once dry you can make cute designs on the outside of the shapes using your POSCAs. Then attach the bauble halves together again.

Grown up tree decorations: Mono magic

Christmas decoration ideas with POSCA

A simple idea can look so stylish. The fine line and expressive strokes created by the 1Mr POSCA means you can create some delightfully delicate designs for a grown up festive look.

We’ve employed our fir sprig and mistletoe motifs onto ceramic stars using a black pen to create a mono design. For a fully coordinated black and white look we will decorate these plain stars using black 1M as shown, then colour in other star shapes with a 7m or 8k black POSCA and go over with a white 1M for variation.



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