Four great journaling ideas with uni-ball pens
We’ve been extolling the virtues of journaling for some time now and we’ve got four great journaling ideas with uni-ball pens for you to try.

If you haven’t tried journaling then why not give it a go? There are so many subject matters to explore and creative ways to journal.

Great journaling ideas with uni-ball pens

You can explore some lovely journaling ideas with uni-ball pens. Make a scrapbook or journal to document your important milestones or to simply capture a point in time. Keep a record in your journal to focus on things you love and enjoy.  Create an art journal to perfect your drawing and hone your handwriting too.

Journaling is also an excellent way of practising mindfulness and for distracting yourself from the stresses of everyday life.

Journal idea 1: Happy thoughts

journal idea EMOTT Pens

So let’s start your new hobby with a bit of positivity!

A great way of putting yourself in a good frame of mind is to make a gratitude journal. Listing things that make you smile or give you joy is also a great way of focusing on the things that are important. By doing this it may help give you a greater sense of who you are and what really matters to you.

The above “Reasons to be cheerful” journal opener was created with EMOTT pens. Why not dedicate a whole book to the things that make you happy, exploring each reason on every page?

Journaling ideas PIN pens

The duo-tone journal page above acknowledges the small things that simply make us smile. This very easy journal idea was created with the muted colours of uni-PIN pens. We combined calming hues of sepia and grey tones with our black PIN pens to make a note of those everyday things we enjoy.

Journal idea 2: Be inspired by nature

Journal idea 2: nature

One of our favourite journaling ideas with uni-ball pens is to celebrate the natural world by creating nature journals.

We’ve made the most of the Eye gel pen colours on these journals to practice both our drawing and hand-lettering skills. All to create eye-catching, colourful journal pages.

We’ve used the wide selection of Eye Fine gel pens to create a colourful collection of bird illustrations.

Getting outside and being in nature is so good for you. So take a walk, open your eyes and make a creative journal page of all the things you like about being in nature. This late spring page was created with our EYE DESIGNER pens.

uni-ball EYE designer pens

Journal idea 3: Keep a record

Mood tracker journal idea
Many people attest to journaling as a great way to practice mindfulness. And tracking your mood over the course of a week or fortnight is a great way of checking in with yourself and your feelings on a daily basis.

If you’re not a particularly wordy person, use simple illustration to make a record of our feelings. See above where we’ve drawn a simple leaf and branch design for you to colour your mood. Then make a key of the colours that reflect your feelings and fill in a leaf a day. We used Eye Fine pens for this as they have such a wide range of colours to use.

Perhaps you need a bit more structure? Well another one of our journaling ideas with uni-ball pens is to buy a dedicated journal. The one below has sections that we’ve  completed with the Eye Micro pens to keep a consistent daily record.

Four Great Journaling Ideas with uni-ball pens

Journal idea 4: Set targets

Journaling Ideas with uni-ball pens
Keeping a journal is a great way to focus. Stating your intentions and hopes in writing can provide real clarity and give you something to work towards.

You can document your dreams like our wish list journal created with EMOTT pens above.

Alternatively you draw up something more concrete and set some goals for yourself. The easy geometric themed journal page is easy to re-create, you can follow our step by step guide here.

Handlettering for EYE designer pen goal journal

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Want some more journal inspiration? Check out our journaling and illustration videos on our YOU TUBE channel.


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