Update a special photo album with Signo pens

Update a special photo album with Signo pens

Love is in the air at this time of year as our thoughts turn to Valentines. So here is three romantic themed makes you can try with SIGNO gel pens.

The Signo Gel Pen is perfect for adding colour to your notes at home, work or school and the solid colour coverage make it great for paper craft, card-making, journaling and embellishing notebooks.

The pens use uni Super Ink, a gel ink that is quick drying, water resistant and doesn’t fade so you know your special creations will last!

With a vivid range of pastel colours, metallics and whites in a choice of pen nib size (from fine to broad) in eye-catching opaque pigment the Signo Gel Pen is a staple for crafters.

One: Co-ordinated gift set

Make a coordinated card, gift box and gift tag set with SIGNO

Make a coordinated card, gift box and gift tag set with SIGNO

This make really shows off how well SIGNO pens stand out on dark card. Here we’ve given a gift box, card and tag a romantic touch with a simple design that is easy to recreate.

Simply make simple, inter-connecting lines with a green SIGNO broad metallic pen, adding dashes to create leaves around your ‘branches’ to make this beautiful, nature inspired illustration.

You can give it a heart theme by drawing a heart in pencil and following the shape with your green lines. Add dots around the ‘branches’ with your pink SIGNO broad metallic pen. Embellish further with little heart shapes.

Two: A personalised photo album

Update a special photo album with Signo pens

Update a special photo album with Signo pens

In this digital age we’re used to seeing pictures on our phone or tablet. Why not add life to your photos by printing them out and gathering in an album? Once you have put together this special photo collection, further personalise with SIGNO silver, gold and yellow pens. We’ve given it a moon and stars themed design and added a personal slogan. The great thing about the pens is you can create both rich colour coverage for illustration and design but you can also write clearly and distinctly.

Three: Colourful love bird card

Make a love bird card with POSCA pens

Make a love bird card with POSCA pens

We’ve used white and metallic broad SIGNOs plus a PIN pen for this love-themed greeting. We created our lovebird motif by combining simple oval, circle and triangular shapes to make the bird shape in pencil. We then coloured in the individual shapes with co-ordinating blue, purple and pink SIGNO metallic pens.

To further embellish we wrapped up our love birds in blossom by employing the branch and blossom technique we described in our co-ordinating set. Out branches were drawn with PIN and our leaves and blossoms were made with SIGNO. Outlines, and highlights were created with a white SIGNO broad.

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Nowadays, all audiences express themselves through the use of colour in leisure and creative activities.

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