Techniques to try with POSCA

We know POSCA pens are great to draw and decorate with but how about trying something new? Here we’re going to show you some techniques to try with POSCA that you may not have explored before.

POSCA paint markers are great to work with and offer so many creative possibilities. Water-based and non-toxic, POSCA paint pens dry opaque with a vibrant matte finish and solid colour but you can make the shades lighter and more painterly by using them with water. Because POSCA pens contain a water-based pigment paint you can dilute the colours to create a softer style with your POSCA pen creations.

These essential paint markers are ideal tools for up-cycle, art and craft projects. POSCAs work brilliantly on a range of surfaces including glass, ceramic, fabric, wood and plastic making these pens ideal for the all-purpose crafting and great for handmade, personalised gifts.

POSCAs are super versatile and fun to work with and, while they are great for mark marking and creating definite line and colour, you can also be playful with them.  These four new techniques produce great effects and are great to try with kids, so chuck the rule book out of the window and try these tricks today!

1: Mix with water

Because you can blend POSCA with water you can create a range of painterly effects. Simply pair your pens with a brush and water to create soft and dreamy artworks. Check out how we did it in the video below…

2: Blend for an ombre effect

Blending your POSCA pens is so much fun. We love creating ombre sunset tones by mixing our red and yellow 17K POSCAs. See more of how we play with simple art techniques below…

3: Sponge on to mottle

Because POSCAs are paint in a pen you can use painterly techniques on them. Here we’ve used a sponge to mix and mottle the green and blue POSCA colours, while the pens were still wet, in this project for Hobbycraft. We’ve tried it on ceramics here but this effect also looks amazing on canvas and wood.

4: Drag to marble

POSCA’s versatility knows no bounds. The great thing about the pens is you can work with them while they’re wet to blend, mottle and also drag. Simply use a dry brush to drag overlapping lines to wet POSCA to create this marbled effect. We have a great video below showing off this technique.


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