The Best Places to See Street Art in the UK!

If you’re inspired by art and need an excuse to see more of our beautiful country, check out this guide of the best places to see street art in the UK and head off on a little tour this summer.


We are unofficially crowning Bristol the street art capital of the UK, and there are two very good reasons why.


No 1) Bristol is the birthplace and spiritual home of the world’s most famous street artist Banksy. Check out some of his street art in Bristol above.

Banksy’s street art gained prevalence in Bristol in the 1980’s and you can still see a lot of it when you are walking around the city today.

No 2) The UK’s ultimate street art festival, Upfest Crafted with POSCA, takes place in Bedminster, South Bristol every year. You can find out more about it in our guide to the ‘Best Street Art Festivals From Around the World’.


An example of the awesome street art in Glasgow – created by street artist Rogue-one.

On the People Make Glasgow website it says: “If you’re out and about in Glasgow City Centre, then you’ll most likely have come across some huge pieces of art adorning some of the city’s brickwork.

“Embracing the concept of street art, The City Centre Regeneration team has created the very first City Centre Mural Trail, all contained in one easy walking route.”

Street art on the trail includes huge murals of Billy Connolly, a beautiful panda, and a tribute to when Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth games in 2014. Visit this website to find out more.


This history of Belfast’s street art, and its emerging street art scene, make it a key stop off on our tour.

In a BBC article ‘Meet the artists claiming Belfast’s streets’ it says: “For decades the streets of Northern Ireland have been peppered with political murals depicting the region’s religious divisions.

But a new wave of contemporary mainstream art is emerging in some of Belfast’s neglected and more up-and coming areas.”

Street artists from Belfast have even been hired by businesses to decorate their premises!


If you fancy a trip to the beach you can tie it in with a spot of street art sightseeing in Brighton!

According to the street art experts at “Brighton is one of the biggest centres for street art and graffiti in the UK.

As you walk through Brighton you will see many brightly illustrated buildings including houses and pubs.

Fun street art fact: Did you know Brighton is the original location of Banksy’s famous ‘Kissing Policemen’. It is SO famous that there is now a replica on display which is protected by a Perspex frame.

The street art scene in the UK

Whereabouts in the UK have you seen amazing street art? Who are your favourite street artists?

We want to know, please share any of your street art photos over on our uni-ball Facebook page.




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