The Five Best Places to Buy Back to School Backpacks – 2018

It’s that time of year when mums and dads are busy shopping for school supplies. Here’s our list of the five best places to buy back to school backpacks.

First Day of School

If your little one is gearing up for their first ever day at school, you might be looking for a more manageable mini backpack.

1) mi pac


We love the mi pac range of mini backpacks including this sweet Mr Men Inspired bag, which is available to buy here.

2) Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is a brand famed for its iconic prints. And they have so many lovely choices in their mini backpack range here on their website.

On their first day at school rest assured that your child’s Cath Kidston backpack will be making all the other mums and dads jealous!

Back to school sales

Supermarkets are always the big hitters when it comes to back to school sales. This means they are a great place to head if you are on the hunt for a backpack bargain.

3) Sainsbury’s

Ranging from Pokémon to Harry Potter, Sainsbury’s have backpacks for every type of child and the big kids too. And they currently have a back to school sale on!

4) Asda 

Asda have a wide range of backpacks for all age groups on offer. Their selection is reasonably priced and are available in store and online.

Cool backpacks!

5) Paperchase


The backpacks on the Paperchase site range from sparkly to stylish! We are sure you will find a backpack that your child or teenager will think is super-cool!

Because let’s face it, everyone wants to be the ‘cool’ parent in the playground.


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