The Ultimate Back to School Pencil Case Checklist

The back to school sales have begun! But do you know the essential pieces of stationery your child needs for their first day at school? Take a look at our ultimate school pencil case checklist!

Shelves of the major supermarkets and discount stores are currently packed full of back to school supplies so it is really the perfect time to grab a bargain.

Here are the five basic pieces of stationery we think your child will need . . .

1) Pencils

Younger children will complete a lot of their early primary school work in pencil, especially in maths lessons.

If your child is slightly older they may want to give a mechanical pencil a try. You can find out more about them here.

2) Pencil sharpener

A pencil is no good without a pencil sharpener! Make sure you buy a sturdy one that is up to the task!

3) Eraser

It almost goes without saying but if you are buying pencils and a pencil sharpener you will also need an eraser.

It’s 2018 and erasers and pencil sharpeners are no longer boring. Check out what Paperchase have to offer here.

4) Ruler

A ruler will always come in handy in any pencil case. They not only help drawing those all-important straight lines but also make an excellent line guide when your child is trying to read from a textbook.

5) A Range of Pens!

We bet your child would LOVE these uni-ball Air pens with colourful barrels. They are so bright they are almost impossible to lose. They are designed for comfort also, and the ink doesn’t smudge, result!

Find out more about them here.


 What back to school essentials would you add to our list?

We want to hear from you, what back to school supplies do you recommend? And where do you shop for your stationery supplies?

Join in the conversation with other parents over on our uni-ball Facebook page, here.


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