Tips for Starting 6th Form or College

If you picked up your GCSE results recently you are probably now busily preparing for Sixth Form or College. But are you really ready? Take a look at our handy checklist for some pointers!

Starting College or Sixth Form: Key advice and checklist 

Clothing guidelines?

Whether you have to wear a uniform or not, remember that there will still likely be guidelines about what you can and can’t wear.

Make sure you know what the rules are, don’t rock up on your first day in your favourite beach clothes!


Lots of folders and notebooks

You are not going to be given text books by your teacher anymore. Instead it is a good idea to buy a folder and notebook for each of the subjects you are studying.

This will stop your notes from getting muddled up.

Get a library card

Here’s a money saving tip for you . . .

You will have to do plenty of reading for your Sixth Form or College subjects. Instead of buying text books get yourself a library card for your local library and make sure you use your school or College library too.


Invest in a strong backpack!

ALL of those books, notebooks and folders are going to be really heavy to carry around.

You might be tempted by a stylish shoulder bag but we recommend you get a sturdy backpack so the weight of all your stuff will be spread across both of your shoulders.

You’ll thank us for this tip when you are older!


Be prepared to take plenty of notes

Stock up those all-important pens as you are going to be taking plenty of notes as you prepare for all of your exams.

If you want to keep your work looking neat, we recommend the uni-ball Signo TSI Erasable pens which are available to buy here.

These pens come in fun colours including light blue, green, violet and pink.

Another good addition to any Sixth Form or College pencil case is some decent highlighters, which will come in handy when you are revising.


What subjects are you studying?

Make sure you are aware of any subjects that need specific equipment. For example, if you are studying art or textiles you might need to buy a large sketchbook.

Be prepared by reading up on what you will need to bring with you on your first day.

Congratulations to everyone who picked up their GCSE results last week, we wish you all the best for whatever you choose to do next!


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