Top Writing Ideas and Tips for Summer 2018!

The days are getting longer and warmer and we’re starting to feel really creative. With that in mind we’ve come up with some simple writing ideas and tips for summer 2018 . . .

Read on for our writing guide, which features the places you can go for summer writing inspiration. We’ve also got tips from an author who stresses the importance of looking after yourself as you write.

What do you need for writing in the summer?

Who doesn’t get annoyed by the sun reflecting off their laptop? Summer is definitely the perfect time to ditch the tech and get outside with a trusty notebook and pen!

When you are writing outside be prepared to get sun, sea and sand on your notebook. You’ll certainly need a pen that is up to the task.

The good news is the majority of uni-ball’s writing pens are filled with ‘uni Super Ink’ which means they are water and fade proof. uni-ball even have a range which is specifically for writing outdoors.

If you are simply looking for pen that will make you feel more summery check out the super-bright uni-ball Air Macros below.

TOP TIP: Make sure you have a bottle of water with you when you are writing.


Writer, Haris Čolic told us: “Writing is mental work, and mental work is more energy demanding than physical work


“Do not forget to stay hydrated. Writing often makes us lose track of time and because of high temperatures and dry air, our bodies lose lots of fluids.”


Haris says when writing in summer he recommends writing in ‘short intervals’ and scheduling drinks breaks.


The best summer writing locations


We think the beach is a great place if you are looking for summer writing inspiration. Spending a day by the sea can give you a mixture of peace and quiet and ample ‘people watching’ opportunities, which is surely every writers dream . . .

Have you thought about writing in a beach hut?

Living in the UK, we are blessed to have lots of lovely countryside around us. If you are someone prefers to write away from any distractions, go for a walk to clear your mind and then head for somewhere green.

Are you a writer that is inspired by other authors? This summer you could visit the places where your favourite writers wrote their most famous books.

Head to Edinburgh to visit The Elephant House café where JK Rowling finished her first Harry Potter book.

Or if you fancy going further afield Paris is famed for the amount of books that have been written there. As an added bonus the weather might be a tiny bit warmer than Edinburgh.

TOP TIP: Haris has this tip for choosing a summer writing location, he says: “Make sure if you are writing in a room, that it is well ventilated. If you can, write in the early evening, or in the morning.”

What is your perfect summer writing location?

Now it’s time for you to make us jealous. Instagram a photo of your favourite writing location and mention @uniball_uk .


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