UK Art Galleries You’ve Just Got to Visit!

Have you always wanted to visit an art gallery but have no idea which one to go to first? We’ve come up with a list of our top UK art galleries that are well worth a look.

Artist Laura Beardsell-Moore believes visiting an art gallery is a “great way to see something a little bit different.”

There’s no need to get hung up on art gallery etiquette!

Laura said; “Some people feel like you need to be very formal or quiet in an art gallery but this isn’t really the case.

“Just go in and talk about the art and ask questions – most gallery owners will be happy that you are interested and would love to have a chat!”

Which art galleries should you visit?

The Tate Modern, London

The Tate Britain, London

The National Gallery, London

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh

V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum),  London

Smaller art galleries

Laura Beardsell-Moore  and her fellow artist Bon Collins the ‘Distressed Artist’, are also big supporters of local, smaller galleries.

Bon recommends a trip to St Ives in Cornwall saying: “There are so many good galleries there.” She particularly loves the Tate in St Ives.

Laura said: “Visit any small commercial gallery close to you. These little galleries regularly change what they display and are a great place to get inspiration and discover new artists.”

Which art galleries do you love?

Have you recently been to an art gallery that has really impressed you? Was it a large or small gallery? Let us know on our Facebook page


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