Up-cycle your ‘old stuff’ for Old Stuff day with POSCA

It’s National Old Stuff Day on the 2nd March; so why not mark it with individual style and up-cycle your old stuff with POSCA paint markers?

National Old Stuff Day encourages people to to give notice to all that old stuff and try something new. We think it’s a day when you can take a look at overlooked items laying around your house and breathe new life to them by the power of your creativity and POSCA pens.

We have five fab up-cycle ideas that you can try. They’re easy to and fun to do on your own or to try with kids.

Up-cycle project 1: Personalise a plain mug into a treat container

Personalise and up-cycle an old-mug with POSCA!

1: Personalise a plain old-mug!

We’ve all got random plain mugs in the back of our cupboards and, because POSCAS paint on ceramic, these mugs needn’t be plain anymore!

This simple project is great for a beginner and brilliant to try with little ones. You make a simple heart-shaped stencil with a sticky note and then apply dots with different sized POSCA nibs around your shape. We used shades of pink and red with 5m and 3m POSCA markers but you can use any colours or nib sizes you like! Once you’re happy with the dots use a fine 1m POSCA pen to draw in a simple initial on the mug.

Then fill a paper bag with sweets or other treats and place inside the mug. It would make a great treat for guests at a party or to greet someone on a birthday morning.

You can wash the POSCA off to reuse or to make permanent you can put in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes and spray with varnish.

Check out how we made the mug here…

Project 2: Revamp a plain handbag with a floral design

Update and up-cycle an old leather handbag with POSCA

2: Update an old leather handbag

We found this unloved blue holdall languishing in our wardrobe. So we dusted it down and gave it a simple floral design. We blended the lighter POSCA pens with darker shades to create depth and interest in our flowers. Then we waited for the POSCAs to dry and overlaid detail and definition with a 1m POSCAs. We then coated with brush-on varnish to protect our design.

Up-cycle make 3: Add life to terracotta pots

Decorate and up-cycle old terracotta pots with POSCA

3: Decorate your trusty terracotta pots

We used a neat and tidy 1MR white POSCA to create a delicate paisley design on to terracotta pots. These simple illustrations look very effective. We think that’s because whatever shape you make, that crisp white paint looks great against the rust-colour of the pots.

Try transferring simple shapes onto pots yourself. If you’re unconfident in your drawing – click the link below to download some templates to start out.  Simply trace and transfer them on. If you’re unsure of how to do this follow our guide here

TEMPLATE: Paisley and other motif templates

Project 4: Revamp old boots

Transform tired old boots with POSCA

4: Transform tired old boots

Give a pair of black boots a celestial flavour by painting on silver, gold and white moons and stars with your POSCA pens. These simple motifs look really cool when arranged in a kind of ‘swoop’ over your footwear. Plus, the metallic colours really ‘pop’ on black leather or plastic.

Take a look at how we created this pair below…

Simple up-cycle 5: Jazz up some jam jars

Jazz up old jam jars with POSCA pens

5: Jazz up old jam jars

So many of us store old jam jars thinking we’ll use them as containers at some point. Then we lose the lids or discard them to one side and they simply hang around the house. So put them to good use with some up-cycle know-how. Turn them into pretty tea-light votives and lanterns decorated with POSCA pens.

If you’ve tried painting on glass with traditional glass paints then you’ll know what a messy, fiddly process it can be. POSCA pens work directly on glass and the choice of nib size gives you total creative freedom. The opaque finish means your design can sit on the surface and you can create personalised items that make fab gifts or trinkets. We have created a set of year-round and for you to try out that you can use in full colour or in just one shade; all you need to do is cut out a template (you can download the terracotta pot templates ), pop it under the glass and you’re away. To make permanent, put in the oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes and spray with varnish.

For more great POSCA ideas check out our YOUTUBE channel.


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