Upcycling: Our Ultimate Guide

Do you want to know what upcycling is all about? Or are you looking for exclusive upcycling ideas? Then check out our ultimate do it yourself guide to upcycling!

Guide to upcycling


What is upcycling?

This is the definition of upcycling given by Upcycle magazine, “Upcycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.”

Upcycled shoes

Upcycling ideas  

uni-ball’s POSCA pens are the perfect choice for all of your upcycle ideas. Why? Because they come in a variety of different colours and tip sizes.

AND you can also use POSCA pens on LOADS of different surfaces like:

  • Glass – Decorate an old wine glass using POSCA pens and turn it into a beautiful tea light holder


  • Fabric – If you’re a fashionista upcycling is ideal for you. The perfect excuse to give your summer wardrobe a revamp


  • Canvas – Do you ever get bored of your canvas shoes or bags? Well fall back in love with them again by making them a tiny bit more unique


Now read on for some exclusive upcycling ideas from craft enthusiast Laura Hutton from LK Crafts . . .


A rustic medal plaque Laura Hutton made from a pallet.

Medal plaque! Ready to hang.

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How to upcycle an old pallet  

Laura tells us how she turned a pallet into a rustic medal plaque.

“As I’m into my crafts I thought of ways I could upcycle a pallet using little time and minimum spending. The rustic style is very ‘in’ at the moment and my friend asked if I made plaques. An idea sprung to mind! I decided to make a plaque for her daughter to hang her medals on!”


1) Using a saw I cut the pallet in half and sanded it down to remove the rough edges.

2) I used an old tester pot of blue denim colour paint to paint it.

3) Once it had dried I used a cocktail stick with normal white matte paint (every household has a half a tub of unused white paint) and painted ‘Phoebe believed she could’.

4) I then popped down to the local DIY store and bought some screw-in hooks and picture hangings to add to the plaque.


Laura added: “The medal plaque cost around £4 to make, it’s a simple and effective idea.”

Another example of how Laura has upcycled an old pallet.

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How to upcycle stones

Laura told us how to ‘design and make’ your own pebble art pictures. She says: “They look fabulous in a box frame or even on a canvas.”

1) A great place to look for smooth pebbles is at the seaside. Look for pebbles that are smooth and choose shapes you need for our picture. Some local home stores also sell bags of pebbles and stones for £1.00.

2) Arrange the pebbles how you want them, you can even paint them to add an extra special touch and some colour.

3) Then using a hot glue gun glue them into place.

Thanks to Laura for sharing her exclusive upcycling ideas with us. Find out more about her upcycling projects on the LK Crafts Facebook page.


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