Why Does Everyone LOVE Painted Rocks Right Now?

An image of feathers painted on rocks - painted rocks

Rock painting is incredibly popular at the moment. So do you want to know why the painting phenomenon has taken off in such a big way?

An image of decorative garden stones painted with POSCA - painted rocks

Over the summer families have immersed themselves in this free, refreshing activity, decorating and hiding rocks and pebbles across the UK. Even though the days and nights are getting colder, the craze is certainly hotting up!

The Painted Rocks Phenomenon

There are now hundreds of local Facebook pages dedicated to painting rocks. There is even a page that covers the whole of the UK – Love on the Rocks UK.

The aim of the pages, like Love on the Rocks, is for people to share photos of their lovingly decorated rocks and also post when they have found rocks that have been hidden.

The different pages encourage those taking part to write on the back of their rocks so they can be posted online once they’ve been found. Just like this . . .

An image of painted rock

Finding Painted Rocks

We believe the painted rocks craze is SO popular because of the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives people when they find one.

Over the summer Michaela Keen and her family found a rock on Felixstowe seafront.

She told us: “I found it after me and my little girl came back from throwing stones in the sea, it was just next to our picnic blanket.

“It made me smile as it shows that in the crazy world we live in people will take the time to paint a rock to bring a little bit of sunshine into a sometimes gloomy world.”

Michaela and her daughter then re-hid the rock for another family to find.

An image of hiding painted rock

What is your rock story? We’d love to read about your rock finds over on our Facebook page.


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