How To Create Window Drawings With Liquid Chalk!

Chrildren Decorating a Christmas Tree - Liquid Chalk Markers

There’s nothing more cosy and Christmassy than a beautifully decorated window. Take a peek at our guide to creating window drawings using our Uni-ball liquid chalk markers.

A woman using a liquid chalk marker to decorate a window

How to Create Stunning (Removable) Christmas Window Drawings using Liquid Chalk Markers!

Christmas window decorations are definitely a way of quickly making your home feel a little more festive.

Understandably you might be worrying about how difficult it is to remove liquid chalk drawings from your window when January comes around.

But you don’t need to worry about that! The liquid chalk in uni-ball’s ‘uni chalk markers’ is super easy to remove. You can get rid of your window drawings using a cloth and a bit of water.

So you can be safe in the knowledge you can be as artistic as you like without having to worry about your windows getting ruined.

How to Use Uni-ball’s Liquid Chalk Markers

Step one

  • Give your uni Chalk Marker a good shake

Step two

  • Press the nib down firmly

Step three

  • Start creating your Christmas window decorations! We’ve found that the white uni Chalk Markers can look really effective.

Ideas for a Christmas Themed Window Decorations

Christmas trees drawn on a window using liquid chalk markers

When it comes to Christmas window drawings you don’t need to over complicate it. A forest of Christmas trees can look really festive as can some traditional snowflakes.

Here are some different snowflake designs you might like to try . . .

Design ideas for using liquid chalk markers to decorate a window

Of course there is nothing stopping you from going one step further and creating a real masterpiece!

Personalising Presents with uni-Chalk Markers

You don’t need to stop at decorating your windows either, our uni-chalk markers also do a pretty decent job of customising ordinary looking containers, making for a personalised, cost effective and much cherished pressie.

Liquid Chalk Marker Pens used to decorate presents

If you do fancy trying something more challenging, please let us know how you get on by posting underneath this blog post on the uni-ball Facebook page.


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