Winter Crafts and Christmas Drawings Ideas

Christmas drawing with POSCA - Christmas drawings

Winter arts and crafts aren’t just for the little ones. Here are our winter themed and Christmas drawings ideas for the grown-ups!

We’ve pulled together these great video tutorials and recommendations for drawing winter scenes and create beautiful Christmas window decorations. . .

How to Draw Winter Scenes

You’ll be pleased to know there are loads of fantastic tutorials for winter themed drawings on YouTube.

We are particularly impressed by this pen art tutorial from artist Alphonso Dunn. It is really amazing to see how you can draw winter themed drawings using just black ink.

Winter drawing - Christmas drawings

If you want to give some winter pen art a go we recommend using the uni PIN 005 Fine Liner – it’s precise and smudge proof!

How to Draw Santa

If you are wondering how to draw Santa, there are videos to help you out with that too. This particular one is quick and simple but still sure to impress your kids.


Especially if you encourage them to colour in your Santa drawing using uni-ball’s sparkling gel pens.

A drawing of Santa - Christmas drawings

How to Draw Christmas Trees

No winter scene is complete without a good old fashioned Christmas tree. But do you want to know how to draw a Christmas tree on windows?

Window drawings of Christmas trees - Christmas drawings

Well we can help you out with that! Take a look at our guide to creating window drawings using uni Chalk Markers.

Now it’s Your Turn

We fancy seeing what you can do. Do you know how to draw a reindeer? Share your tips underneath this blog post on our uni-ball Facebook page . Or have a go at colouring this one in.

A drawing of reindeer - Christmas drawings

If you haven’t done so already check out our guide to winter crafts for kids . We are sure you’ll find something to keep your brood entertained in the Christmas holidays.


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