Three good reasons to love your Signo 207 gel pen

Don’t plump for a cheap gel pen. Go for quality in build and writing; believe us you will thank yourself. Take our Signo 207, one of our supreme gel pens that is perfect for work and everyday use. Here are three reasons why it’s one of our favourite uni-ball writing instruments. 

Signo 207 red rollerball pen

1: Feel the quality 

When you hold the Signo 207 you can immediately tell this is a gel pen of exceptional quality. Compared to cheaper gel pens that feel flimsy and cheap the 207 feels robust and substantial in your hand. 

Signo 207 gel pens

Unlike other, lesser quality retractable gel pens, the Signo 207 has a satisfying, robust click as you press the button to start writing. It feels safe in your hand, not brittle or fragile, making it great for even the most heavy-handed of writers. 

Where you may have struggled with cheaper gel pens, the Signo 207 has a stylish, sturdy well-built clip that doesn’t feel flimsy so it’s great for on-the-go use

Plus these smart rollerball pens have a rubber grip that ensures comfortable use for extended writing periods – great for that novel you’re plotting!  

2 Smooth flowing, quick drying

Like to keep things neat? Then you will love the 207.  The pen’s easy rolling 0.7mm rollerball nib provides you a clear, easy to read script that doesn’t skip or add friction on the page. 

Signo 207 black gel pens

The pen’s water resistant, fade resistant and tamper-proof uni Super Ink dries quickly and clearly on the paper. This makes the 207 a fantastic student pen and is ideal for ‘expressive’ scribes and left-handed writers. Whether you use the red, blue or black ink pens you can write with confidence. 

Don’t worry about your writing! Just because it’s a quick drying gel pen doesn’t mean your scrimp on the clarity and quality of your script. It writes like a dream and the ink has a deep, rich finish even when you write on Kraft card.

3 It’s refillable 

As well as being a brilliant pen created for everyday writing. The Signo 207 is the sustainable choice as it is refillable. In fact it is available in a refillable pack in completely biodegradable plastic free packaging. 

Signo 207 black and blue  gel pens

This refill set enables you to double the lifespan of your trusty Signo 207 pens. This pack includes two pens and two additional refills. This means a twin pen pack gives you the use of four, reducing the need for more plastic consumption.