The Proof That Doodling Helps You Concentrate!

Doodling is often seen as a sign of boredom but this study proves doodling really does help you concentrate!

The proof!

The University of Plymouth, carried out a study on 40 students, examining the question ‘does doodling help you concentrate?’

The experiment was carried out on the students at the end of the day (when they weren’t at the peak of their concentration powers)! They were split into two groups of 20.

Both groups were asked to listen to a VERY boring voicemail. One group was asked to doodle, the other was told not to.

The voicemail listed eight place names and eight people’s names. Once they had finished listening the students were asked to list as many of the names as they could.

THE RESULT: You’ve guessed it! The group that were doodling as they listened to the tape managed to remember 29% more of the names than those that sat there twiddling their thumbs!

The expert . . .

Doodling expert Sunni Brown strongly agrees with the findings of the study and thinks that people that doodle are smarter and artier. She says: “Whenever you look at a notebook or a journal from any intellectual or creative, you see doodles.”

Sunni’s theory is that when you are doodling you are helping to unclutter your mind, meaning you actually concentrate more on what you are listening to!

A fun fact about doodling!

Did you know that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a keen doodler! Mr Obama is apparently enjoys doodling faces when he is in meetings. You can’t say he isn’t concentrating!

The best pen to doodle with…

Has to be the uni-ball Signo 307, which is designed for speedy writing! So when you are in lessons or lectures you can pretend you are writing pages and pages of notes, whilst you are actually creating a beautiful doodling masterpiece!

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