Top Ten Revision Tips For Getting You Through Exam Season

We’ve brought together ten fantastic revision tips from teachers, tutors and study experts to help you through exam season!

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Now back to our ten fantastic revision tips.

1) Make time your friend!

Make a timetable for each day and work out IN ADVANCE what topics you’ll focus on in each subject, making sure you stick to the plan – you’ll be so proud of yourself if you do.

2) Create a good study zone

A tidy desk is a tidy mind!

Stock-up on paper, post-it notes, a range of highlighters, fine-liners and revision cards. Have them to hand.

3) Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Don’t save the difficult topics until last. Attack them first and intersperse them with topics you find easier. You’ll empower yourself by facing your topic fears. Remember learning is a psychological process too. 

4) Reward yourself

Once you’ve finished a topic and feel you’ve learnt it enough, give yourself a reward – anything from a bright sticker on your revision schedule, a relaxing bubble bath or even take yourself off shopping. Just something to mark it as a moment.

Thanks to tutor Sarah-Jane Page, Director of EASTuition, for the four brilliant revision suggestions above. For more great study tips from Sarah-Jane follow her on Twitter – @sarahjanepage.

5) Hide all technology

Matthew Jones, Education Officer at the company Tutora (which helps students find private tutors), gave us this important revision tip!

He said: “Hide all technology that you don’t need. Sometimes technology can help you with your revision but it can also become a hindrance”.

“If you’re not careful you can find yourself browsing Instagram instead of practising geometry.”

6) Handwrite your notes- DON’T type them!

It might seem old fashioned but the latest research proves that handwriting your notes means you are more likely to remember them than if you typed them on a computer or other device.

Students who wrote notes long-hand understood and remembered the content more successfully and scored higher when quizzed compared to laptop note takers.

7) Colour coding

Colour coding can be a huge help! Keep a few highlighters handy when you take notes so you can group similar ideas together and underscore important concepts!

Tips six and seven were given to us by visual learning expert Bhavin Shah from Central Vision. You can find more visual study tips right here on their website

8) Put post-it notes EVERYWHERE!

Teacher Ruth Cartwright says: “Put post-it notes in unexpected places. Inside cupboard doors and on the back of the loo door”.

Basically put revision post it notes everywhere so you can’t avoid seeing them.

9) Use a dartboard to help you revise

Ruth also gave us this other super simple revision idea! Get a dartboard and put questions around it. Once you hit a question with a dart you have to answer it. Bullseye!

10) Listen back to your notes

Blogger JB gave us this idea for when you get a bit bored of reading back your notes . . .

He says: “Record your notes and listen back to them on a walk!”

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