What Stationery Do You Need For Your Exams?

Exam season can be a stressful time! Make your life a little bit easier by having all the right stationery ready for each exam. Here’s how…

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Here’s your essential exam stationery checklist.


Make sure you have loads of pens.

1) You won’t need to panic if one of your pens runs out.

2) It’s good to have a variety of different pens just in case your hands get tired and you fancy using a different grip.

The uni-ball website can help you with all of your pen needs. We recommend the uni-ball Signo 307  for speedy smudge-free writing!


Highlighters are great for exams, you can use them to pick out key points in each question. This means you will really focus your answers meaning you the highest marks possible!


Using a ruler is another good way of picking out key parts of a question. You can underline specific words that you need to include in your answer.

Also if your eyes are getting tired you can use the ruler as a reading guide to make sure you read each line of the questions without missing anything important.

And remember . . .

You will need any subject specific stationery such as calculators. For some English exams you might need to bring an anthology with you. It is important that you don’t forget these items, you’ll feel much more relaxed during the exam if you are using your own stationery rather than something you have borrowed.

Check your pencil case the night before

You don’t want to be struggling to get all your pens and other important stationery ready as you are heading out the door to your exam. SO make sure you are prepared the night before. This is the time to make sure your pens and calculator (if you need one) work properly.

TOP TIP: If allowed, take a bottle of water to each exam.


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Thanks to Jocelyn Reading – @ReadingRes on Twitter and @Nurse_Lecturer, also on Twitter, for sending their exam stationery tips.