Our Ultimate Coursework and Dissertation Help Guide

With the help of some of the UK’s leading study experts, we’re pleased to bring you this ultimate coursework and dissertation help guide.

Here are our top five tips to help you out with your coursework or dissertation:

1) Don’t leave things to the last minute!

This tip might be easier said than done!

Expert tutor and Director of EASTuition, Sarah-Jane Page told our blogger: “You don’t want to leave the writing of your coursework to the last minute, however much of an adrenaline junkie you might be.”

“Find out when the deadline is, work out how long you think it will take, and then devise a timetable just for your coursework to include research, planning, writing, re-drafting, and checking.”

2) Plan it properly

Sarah-Jane says it is crucial that you work out an order for your dissertation or coursework.

She told our blogger: “Once you’ve got your main ideas planned on various separate pages, work out what order will make the most sense. It may take some jiggling, but you’ll get there, the order will be obvious if you’re prepared to look for it.”

3) Write it right!

Sarah-Jane suggests: “If you’re worried that you’re not on the right track, or even just to reassure yourself that you are, ask your tutor to check your plan.”

She says it is crucial to make sure you’re including ‘subject terminology – words specific to the content you’re studying’.

4) NEVER settle for the first draft!

Sarah-Jane told us: “No writer, however, accomplished, settles for the first draft. Ever.

“Once you’ve ‘finished’ the first draft, put it to one side for one or two days and then come back to it with critical eyes. Check the assessment objectives again- have you included them?

“Make any adjustments or changes you think it needs. Then get someone to read it, preferably someone who knows nothing about the subject.”

Sarah-Jane says it is important to ‘take criticism constructively not personally’, adding: “What you’re aiming for is the best piece of work you can produce so you’re a step ahead of the game.”

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5) Set yourself achievable goals for your coursework

Matthew Jones, Education Officer at Tutora, private tutor experts, says: “Set yourself some goals while doing your coursework. Whether it’s every two pages you write or every 2000 words, give yourself a target and concentrate on reaching it”.

“Once you hit that target, have a quick walk around, stretch your legs and have a biscuit! Doing this can break your coursework down into smaller pieces and make it seem a lot more manageable to complete.”

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