Exclusive Tips For Using uni Chalk Markers

We’ve teamed up with a fantastic artist and illustrator to bring you EXCLUSIVE tips for using uni-ball chalk markers.

Artist Rebecca Osborne loves experimenting with all sorts of pens and was excited to see what she could do with uni-ball’s chalk marker range.

uni chalk paint markers are water-based and come in a range of vibrant colours. They are ideal for use on non-porous chalkboards.

Rebecca’s Ideas and Tips For How To Use uni Chalk Markers

chalk markers - chalkboards for weddings

Rebecca used uni chalk markers to decorate blackboards for a wedding

1) The chalk markers were really easy to use. I drafted out the design in chalk and then went over it with the uni chalk markers.

chalk markers - blank chalkboard

Step One

2) The chalk guidelines can then be rubbed out. Top tip – a cotton bud is brilliant for this.

chalk markers - rough board design in chalk

Step Two

3) I framed the finished work but without the glass, in the frames so the boards were still matt.

4) I used black mountboard rather than an actual blackboard, it costs about £4 for an A1 sheet and it’s easy to cut down with a craft knife.

5) It was a really affordable chalk paint project. You could even involve a bit of upcycling by using recycled photo frames.

chalk markers - chalk sign for wedding

Step Three

Thanks to Rebecca Osborne for sharing her uni chalk marker inspiration! You can find more about Rebecca’s art here. If you like the look of our uni Chalk Markers, why not check out our full range of crafting and decorating pens