How to Teach Cursive Handwriting to Children

Have you been wondering how you can help your child with their cursive handwriting? Well we’ve come up with this simple guide to help you teach it and to help your children with their cursive writing practice!

Click on the image below and then print it, then you’ve got your very own cursive handwriting how-to-guide.

Infographic - how to teach cursive handwriting

What is cursive handwriting?

Cursive writing is a continuous joined up script.

We recommend teaching cursive writing to your children first, this will avoid the confusion of learning print and then cursive.

Top cursive writing practice tips for beginners

  • Use different methods for teaching cursive handwriting. Encourage your child to have fun tracing letters in flour, sand and even shaving foam. If you are out and about you could even get them to trace letters in the air! (Less mess).
  • Get beginners to scribble loops on paper without the pen leaving the surface of the page. This is a good starting point for cursive.
  • Laminate worksheets and get your child to practise their cursive handwriting using whiteboard markers. Then you can wipe them clean and reuse them .

Mother helping daughter with cursive handwriting

More tips for teaching and practising cursive handwriting

  • Get your child to copy letters and words in cursive. Our free handwriting worksheets are a great place to start!
  • Remember tracing letters and words is great practise, so get your child to trace the alphabet every day.
  • Teach letters in cursive based in similarities in formation or movement patterns.
  • Read more top tips about how to improve your child’s handwriting!

It is crucial to remember that practice makes perfect but learning (and teaching) cursive writing will take time so be patient!

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