How to Make Enchanted Fairy Doors

We love craft ideas that will help bring a smile to someone’s face. So here’s how to make an enchanted fairy door . . .

What is an enchanted fairy door?

According to the experts at Made For Mums: “Fairy doors are little doors where children can leave messages and little gifts for the fairies and where parents (AKA fairies) can leave little messages and gifts for their children.”

Mum Michaela Keen from Suffolk, spotted this fairy door on a walk with her children.

She said: “Today I found a fairy door in a tree when out on a walk with my children. I turned it over and a little person had signed their name on it. It is still in the tree we wouldn’t have wanted to confuse the fairies.”

Some mums and dads use fairy doors as a way of rewarding their children by hiding little notes of encouragement behind them.

Simple ways make a fairy door

If you are looking for a simple way to make a fairy door on a budget you should take a look at this super sweet idea from the Woodland Trust.

All you need is lolly sticks, buttons, and beads. You may want to add a few little illustrations or initials using POSCA markers.

POSCAs are great for writing on wood and other rough surfaces. But if you are putting your fairy door outside make sure you varnish it.

How to find a fairy door

As well as teaching you how to make fairy doors, the Woodland Trust encourages your little ones to ‘tread carefully through the woodland’ and ‘keep their eyes peeled for signs left by woodland people’.

They have even come up with an activity sheet which will help your children search for the special signs.

Fairy door inspiration

There is a lot of fairy door inspiration out there, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Take a look at these photographs from the Leafcutter blog.

And if you’ve been inspired to make a fairy door, make sure you share a picture of it on our uni-ball Facebook page. Who knows who you might inspire . . .