Ultimate Summer Revision Tips

Studying when its sunny outside is no fun, in fact, it’s torturous! So… we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help make it easier for you with these ULTIMATE summer revision tips.

Tutor and revision pro, Sarah-Jane Page from EASTuition has helped us research why revising in summer is so, so tricky and what you can do to make it easier . . .

This is why it is harder to revise in the summer

Sarah-Jane says: “When the sun’s out and everyone’s in holiday-mode it’s much more of a challenge to keep your head in the books.

“Even if you try to sit in the garden with the rays on your back, you soon relax to such a degree that all you want to do is lay back and watch feathery wisps of cloud float across the sky.”

Sarah-Jane added: “Whilst avoidance might feel like an answer to the problem, you’ll soon start to get hot under the collar as guilt bites and skills slump.”

Where’s the best place to revise in the summer?

We hate to break it to you but Sarah-Jane thinks you should steer clear of the garden when you are studying!

She says if you revise in the garden the ‘temptation to relax is all too strong.’

Sarah suggests: “Stick to revising inside, in the place you automatically associate with studying or homework, and you’ll make the job a whole heap easier.”

Top tip for summer revision

Check out Sarah-Jane’s exclusive summer revision tip below:

“To stop your skills from wilting and withering in the heat, it’s best to stick to a weekly routine.

“From Monday to Friday get up early (ish) and head straight to the desk before the sun’s high in the sky.”

Sarah adds: “With revision over in the morning, the rest of the day will be yours to enjoy, totally guilt-free. That way you’ll start the new term as cool as a cucumber knowing you’ve kept your skills warm all summer.”

Stationery essentials for summer revision


  • A lever-arch folder with dividers will help keep your notes organised; keep a folder per subject, all divided into topics
  • Plastic wallets are great to keep questions, answers and mark schemes as one
  • You can never have too many different coloured or shaped post-it notes to hand
  • And anything that keeps your work in order and looks fun too – we suggest some bright and summery uni-ball pens.

And this is how you revise on a really, really hot day!  

Sarah-Jane says: “For the truly sweltering days an English summer can bring, get up before the temperatures do, tick a topic off the list, then head to the coast. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!”

Finally, keep your brain refreshed and hydrated by drinking lots of water!

Thanks to Sarah-Jane Page for contributing to this blog post, to find out more about EASTuition click here.