Halloween hack 2: Slime covered jars

We have got the easiest Halloween hack for you in our slime covered jars project. Using Uni-Chalk Markers, it’s so simple you can get the whole family involved.

These slime covered jars are ideal for presenting sweets and treats as stay at home Halloween trick or treats, or you could stick some straws in to present your spooky, but safe, liquid potions. Or indeed as these Chalk Markers dry opaque, you could create a Halloween guessing game like guess what’s in the jar. They would also look really effective has bright coloured Halloween lanterns, simply stick a tea light or fairy lights inside and watch the light glow from the clear section.

Of course the great thing about this project is that you can simply wash this ‘slime’ away once your Halloween celebrations are over.

We all know that Uni-Chalk markers are great for drawing, writing and mark making. They  writes on and wipes off non-porous surfaces such as chalkboards, chalkboard painted walls and glass. They should be every home’s go-to marker for temporary decorations, making signs and writing temporary labels. Here we’re trying a different technique for you to try with these pens – while we’ve done it on glass jars you can also employ this method to windows, chalk signs and walls for a coordinated Halloween look. 

Slime covered jars: you will need

Slime covered jars with uni-chalk markers

The requirements for this slime covered jar Halloween project are very straight forward. You will need PWE-5M Uni-Chalk Markers in green, yellow and white plus a sponge and some glass jam jars.

How to make Halloween slime covered jars

Make sure your jam jars are clean and dry, otherwise the pen paint will not adhere fully to the glass.

First, apply a very wet layer of green Uni-Chalk marker.

Slime covered jars

Next, mix your yellow Uni-Chalk Marker in with the green colour.

Slime covered jars

While your yellow and green Uni-Chalk Marker colours are still wet, flow in the white uni-Chalk Marker.

Halloween slime covered jars 

Now use your sponge to mix the colours and cover your section. Repeat this process over the bottom half of your jars so they have a clear section at the top. The sponge should make the colour look bubbly and organic as if the jars have been ‘slimed’.

Halloween slime covered jars 

All done you can check out a quick video on how we did these via our TikTok channel.  Take a look at our other uni-Chalk marker Halloween hack here.