Five Christmas Card designs to try with uni-ball pens

Handmade Christmas card ideas

A month to go until Christmas and need homemade card ideas? No worries, we have five festive illustrated greeting hacks that you can whip up with ease.

Whether you’re an accomplished artist or someone who just likes to add a personal touch at Christmas, our Christmas card projects are sure to satisfy all those seasonal crafters out there.

Rocking Robins

What could be a more traditional image for a Christmas card than a Robin Redbreast? In fact the Robin has been voted Britain’s favourite bird? So it’a real winner as a festive greeting motif.

As you can see above, you can make your Rocking Robin greeting pop on a seasonal dark green card blank by working your design up with your POSCA paint markers. We blended, layered and overlaid colours and highlights to create a charming illustrated design.

uni-Eye pens for card writing

If you fancy working on something a bit more subtle how about the above design? While we’ve pictured this with uni-ball Eye pens (yes we’re using our Eyes to write them out and send them) we actually created this design with PIN. We applied layers of watercolour and overlaid them with intricate PIN pen details.

For full instructions go to the Crafts Beautiful website.  And if you fancy using a template, just save and print out the image below.

robin template


Luxe Xmas Wreaths

Signo metallic pens Christmas cards

We use this motif time and time again. It’s just so ridiculously easy.

You can create these vibrant Christmas wreaths using either SIGNO Broad metallic or POSCA paint markers.

You simply make a circle as a guide, cross-hatch your chosen pen colours around the circle as shown, then add dots for baubles, tinsel and highlights as shown. Then you can write your central message in the centre.

POSCA Christmas cards

Not convinced? We promise you that this Christmas wreath illustration really is that easy to recreate. Just watch the video below, then try it for yourself.

Classic Christmas tree

Christmas tree handmade card

When it comes to Christmas crafting, simple and easy is good.

We’ve got a great way to draw a classic Christmas tree without being an accomplished artist.

The above design combines watercolour with PIN. We made layers of green watercolour, overlaid with grey uni-PIN pen for detail then finished with some simple hand-lettering. Go here for full instructions.

With the below design, just make three zigzags of POSCA colour use various shades over each other for texture; one small, one medium, one large, as shown. When your POSCA marks are dry you can layer your baubles and garland over the branches.

Christmas tree card with POSCA

Have a go at hand-lettering

Signo broad card

You can create amazing designs by using your writing pens too.

Here we’ve used our Eye Broad pen on craft card to make a hand-lettered greeting. You can see how well it works on the craft background and how deep the black ink is on the page. So don’t be shy, get writing and playing.

Banging baubles!

Bauble card with EMOTT

We love writing and drawing with EMOTT fine line pens. We really like using the “Warm” five piece collection for our Christmas cards. The contemporary colours are well suited to grown-up festive illustrations.

See how we used the pens in this bauble design on the video below.