Create shimmery letters with SIGNO gel pens

Create shimmery letters with SIGNO gel pens

Here we create shimmery letters with SIGNO gel pens. Our creative Signo Sparkling rollerball pens are so much fun to use and experiment with. And what better way to have fun with bright and sparkly colours than by trying out some gorgeous shading? Whether you’re a calligraphy connoisseur or a beginner, this tutorial will add a touch of sparkle to your day! In this article you’ll find all of our tips and advice for creating original lettering.

Create shimmery letters with SIGNO gel pens, you will need

Lovely sparkly letters uni-Signo gel pens

Our Signo rollerball pens are renowned for their colours and different effects: metallic, pastel… Today we’ll use the sparkly ones with their wide tip, ideal for calligraphy.

Make your outline

Now you can begin to create shimmery letters with SIGNO gel pens. Have you chosen a word for your lettering? We’ve chosen “Sun” to brighten our day!

Before covering your sheet with the radiant ink of the Signo rollerball pens, we suggest that you first take the time to create mapping work with the help of a pencil or mechanical pencil. Trace two parallel lines which will ensure that the letters are all the same size.

create shimmery lettering with SIGNO gel pens

Here we’ve worked with a simple typography but on our blog you’ll also find lots of hand-lettering ideas. Try this PIN hand-lettering tutorial  as a great hand-lettering beginners project.

Once your typography has been drawn, lightly erase your lines so you only have a light outline left.

Create your glittering letters

Time for the Signo Sparkling pens to take to the stage! One by one, with the three rollerball pens, colour the edges and fill in a few centimetres inside of the letters, overlapping the previous colour to create the shading.

sparkly works uni-signo

Make sure you alternate the colours quite quickly because the colours only mix correctly when they’re still wet.

For the colour combination, we advise you to go from the darkest to the lightest.

Blend your signo sparkle pens

Complete your composition!

Once you are happy with your dazzling lettering results let the composition dry. When it’s completely dry, you can erase the pencil lines which are still visible.

Glittery text with SIGNO

If you enjoyed this shaded lettering tutorial, you can recreate this stunning shimmery technique with other words in other colours. The possibilities are endless and always incredible!

Take a look at how we did this project in the very short film below…