Check out our new plastic-free PIN packs

We’ve revamped and repackaged our PIN sets into new plastic-free PIN packs. In doing so we’ve ditched the single use plastic and sought to promote a range of different artists. 

new plastic-free PIN packs

Brand new packs 

You may know that last year we introduced new plastic free packaging to our writing ranges. Now we’ve extended this to our PIN pens. 

new plastic-free PIN packs

The packs are completely biodegradable and printed in a sustainable way. This means that as well as being plastic free we have used vegetable inks and less wastage than conventional printing processes. They are also made in the UK, reducing air miles. Find out more about our plastic-free packaging here. 

An artist’s favourite 

As you know uni-PIN fine-line pens are renowned for delivering a wealth of mark-making solutions and their quality, longevity and versatility. That’s why artists, graphic designers and architects love these fine line pens. 

Beautiful PIN pens

These pigment ink pens boast Super Ink Technology, which keeps colour solid and vibrant, so work won’t fade or bleed through paper. Whatever nib you choose, the PIN’s robust structure gives it excellent wear resistance making them last longer. 

Expanding the range 

New chisel tip PIN pens

As well as introducing new plastic-free PIN packs we also have four new uni-PIN nib shapes and sizes for you to enjoy. We’ve therefore seized the opportunity to give you some new uni-PIN collections that showcase specially selected nib sizes. 

The black PIN range has expanded from 14 to 18 calibrated tip sizes. In addition to its standard shape sizes, from delicate 0.03 to robust 1.2 nib, plus an expressive brush tip, the range now boasts three new chisel tips for calligraphy, plus an Extra Fine brush tip made with real bristles. This range of sizes and shapes allows for a plethora of exciting creative possibilities. 

New Extra Fine Brush Pin pen

The new plastic-free PIN packs collections 

This expansion of the range gave us an opportunity to hone and refine its pen sets, giving each pack a purpose and theme to help the customer choose the right pen selection for drawing, graphic design and calligraphy. Available in fully biodegradable plastic free packaging each pack  has been designed by an artist to illustrate the pens range and possibilities, showcasing each nib size and colour. 

new plastic-free PIN packs

Here’s a list of the whole collection, which one will you go for?

  • Sketch selection – Contains: Black PIN 01/03/05
  • Calligrapher’s choice – Contains: Black: NEW chisel tips
  • Bold and broad – Contains: Black PIN: 0.9,1.0,1.2
  • Sensitive Sepia – Contains: Sepia: 0.1, 0.5, brush
  • Intense Charcoal – Contains: D.Grey: 0.1, 0.5, brush
  • Graceful Grey – Contains L.Grey: 0.1, 0.5, brush
  • 5-piece Sketching essentials – Contains: Black PIN 01/02/03/05/08 5-piece
  • 5-piece Artist’s selection – Contains: Black PIN 0.03/0.2/0.5/0.8/brush
  • 5-piece Elegant tones – Contains: L.Grey 01, 05, D.Grey 01, 05 and Black brush
  • 5-piece Fine and delicate – Contains: Black: 003, 005, 01, D.Grey 01, L.Grey 01
  • 5-piece Love lettering – Contains: Black: NEW chisel tips, 0.9 and Blk brush
  • 5-piece Calligraphy collection – PIN 8pc Black 01, 04, 06, 09, BR, new chisel tips
  • 5-piece Flow and flourish – Contains: Black 1.0, Brush Black, Brush L.Grey, Brush D.Grey, Brush Sepia
  • 8-piece Draw and sketch  – Contains PIN 8pc Black 005, 01. 03., 05, 08, 10, 12, BR
  • 8-piece Creative strokes – Contains: PIN 8pc – Black 0.5, Brush Black, L,Grey 0.5 Brush L.Grey, D,Grey 0.5 Brush Dark Grey, Sepia 0.5 Brush Sepia
  • Extra fine brush drawing and script set 
  • 12pc Expert Selection Assorted Black 

Celebrating artists

Heidi Sharp

The new packs showcase the work of five fantastic PIN artists; Heidi Sharp, Becki Clark, Bethany Bee Illustrations, Beetle Back Designs and Lettering Our World. 

Beetle Back Designs

In selecting our artists we wanted to celebrate real artistic talent and give our PIN pens a real run for their money. The artwork on each of the new plastic free PIN packs illustrate what can be done with the specific pens in the pack.

Bethany Bee Illustrations

Take a look at our YouTube channel to see the ens in action and for films on two of our packaging artists.